Yes, Stockpress is a SaaS platform with an unlimited user model! While we know it’s unusual, Stockpress offers unlimited users in every plan – including our free one! We believe that when it comes to managing and sharing files, having your entire team in ONE place is the best way to be productive.

Offering unlimited users is NOT typical, but it works!

Most SaaS platforms, especially those in the file management and DAM space, charge by the user or by the “seat”. But there can be some issues with this approach…

Per-user licenses can lead to fragmented teams:

With a cost-per-seat model, businesses might need to rationalize who needs a license the most rather than getting everyone on their team onto a platform. The key to effective collaboration is making sure that everyone can access the files they need when they need them – no matter where they are in the world.

At Stockpress, we are more interested in connected teams, not a bigger budget! Not charging per user means that businesses can extend invitations outside of their organization to clients, suppliers, partners, and freelancers at no extra cost. This model helps files get organized more quickly and even more importantly, in one platform!

We put the customer first because of our own experiences.

The reason we are so adamant about this unlimited user model is that we were users of Stockpress ourselves. We built the platform because we couldn’t find anything to manage our clients when we ran a digital agency. Not only was there a functionality gap between traditional file management platforms and enterprise DAMs, but we couldn’t afford to have everyone in one place because of costly per-user licenses. It didn’t work for us, so we knew it wouldn’t work for other SMB and mid-market customers either.

Businesses cut corners with per-user licenses. (We know because we did it!)
Multiple users using the same login, excluding people from a tool or choosing pricing tiers that sacrifice features to keep costs down. It doesn’t make sense! With file management and DAM, using the same login for multiple people can be a security issue or lead to a loss of brand control. In contrast, excluding users and sacrificing functionality can lead to operational bottlenecks or information silos.

Stockpress comparison chart

Stockpress is built for teams to collaborate.

Digital files sit at the heart of every modern business, and now we are working remotely, it’s become even more important that we have access to the things we need, when we need them. Most businesses rely on multiple stakeholders using and adding to digital files throughout their lifecycle. For example; the photographer who captures an image is often not the same person who will edit it and tag it, and that person is likely not the person who will approve it for use and deliver it to the world. Therefore, creating silos simply because additional users cost money, is crazy!

Stockpress pricing tiers

See how much time, and money, you can save with an unlimited user model and get your entire team, both internal and external in sync.