Digital asset management software for real estate

Easy to use digital Asset Management (DAM) software for busy real estate teams. Find, organize, and distribute property assets faster so you can focus on your client's needs.

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Digital asset management software for real estate

The easiest way to manage your real estate files and photos

Whether it’s hi-res property images, drone videos, floor plans, or property descriptions, Stockpress can help your team get the files they need when they need them so you can list properties faster.

For photographers and videographers

Whether you manage a large number of high-resolution images and videos or you use those images to produce creative content, Stockpress was built for you.

Quick & easy distribution

Get high-quality photos and videos to your agents quicker so they can stay competitive and sell faster.

No file limitations

Upload high-resolution property images and video with no restrictions on file type or size.

AI and custom tagging

Organize images by property type, agent, date, and more. Add keywords and tags for better organization.

No file duplication

Allow internal staff or external partners to create Collections for image selection and collaboration – without duplicating your files.

Unlimited sharing capabilities

Distribute assets quickly and securely with private and/or view-only links and custom collaboration settings.

Unlimited users

With unlimited users and unlimited teams, you can approve client access to files and images – right in your workspace.

Digital asset management (DAM) for real estate

Stockpress allows you to store and organize all your real estate-related digital files so they’re accessible to everyone who needs them, including external partners and clients.

Manage and share
Compatible with any file type of any size, including TIF, jpg, raw, pdf, mp4, MOV, and more.

Unlimited users
No matter how many agents, photographers, copywriters, or other freelancers you have, add them all to your workspace for free.

Safe and Secure
Keep your files secure with private share links, expiration dates, view-only files, and more.

Usage reporting
Track file usage with advanced reporting, including most searched terms, most downloaded files, and more.

Digital asset management for agents and managers

The volume of photos, videos, and other digital assets produced by real estate companies has grown rapidly. To meet rising consumer expectations, a modern cloud-based file management system can help you distribute files at pace.

Search and filter

Find the files you need when you need them with visual search and filters.

Private links

Share image selects and floor plans with clients securely with private and view-only links in a professional, branded workspace.

Organize cloud links

Organize external cloud documents alongside your files to keep every asset associated with their respective properties.


Archive property assets so they can be reused in the future – reducing re-marketing costs.

Track and report

Track file usage and file downloads to ensure your assets are viewed and used in the right way.

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Switching to Stockpress is easy

Switching to Stockpress from traditional enterprise file management software such as Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive? Connect, import, and organize individual files and folders, or your entire account – all into Stockpress in minutes.

Dropbox, Box, Google Drive integrationDropbox, Box, Google Drive integration

Get started for FREE with unlimited users and 5 GB of storage, and transform the way your team organizes, uses, shares and collaborates on files.

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Start spending less time looking for your files and more time using them.

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Types of digital assets used by real estate teams

Real estate companies use a combination of digital assets ranging from high-quality imagery, floor plans, drone footage, video, and spec documents.

Whether you’re marketing a real estate property under construction or a house that’s on the market for a third time, a file management software likeStockpress will give you fast, easy access to all the assets you need to promote your listing. From brochures, flyers, floor plans, and signage, to promotional events, seasonal activities, partnerships, and overall brand activations, a digital file management system streamlines your entire digital workspace.

Producing creative assets and marketing content for your real estate listings is expensive and time-consuming. With Stockpress, ensure those assets are securely stored and easily accessible in the future so you don’t duplicate time, money, and efforts on generating content that already exists.

Find the files you need, when you need them, so you can get to market faster and focus more on your clients.