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Sales & Marketing Teams

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Sales & Marketing Teams

Digital asset management (DAM) for sales and marketing teams

Digital asset management solutions are for everyone, but sales and marketing teams can benefit from these file storage solutions more than anyone! Marketing teams are often the heartbeat of an organization and are responsible for producing most of the internal and external communications for a business. It is very common for a marketing team to play a key role in the centralized marketing digital asset management solution. This way they can get the creative assets and important documents their teams need quickly and easily so they can stay on brand and do their job well.

Similarly, sales teams benefit from a digital asset management solution because of the sheer number of assets they need to manage leads, find the assets associated with their customers, and keep on top of changing product offerings and custom presentations. With the right tools, sales teams can work quickly and in a focused way, which helps give them a better client experience and bring in more business. Ultimately, you want them to spend less time searching for files and more time selling!

Problems with traditional file management platforms

Cost per seat

File management systems with ‘per user’ license fees can get expensive quickly and often lead to fragmented teams.

User access

You can’t create teams of users, so whenever someone leaves or joins the business you have to create new folders of files for them individually.

File duplication

Creating folders of content for various team members means you may be duplicating your files. This leads to greater storage costs and confusion around which file is the right file to use.

Confusing folder structures

Traditional folder structures and unstructured file names in a file storage system can make it hard for teams to find what they’re looking for. This can lead to the wrong files being used and valuable files not being used at all!

The number of digital assets in sales and marketing teams

Customers and prospective clients are demanding a more personalized experience. In the right DAM solution, each client can have their own set of assets tailored just for them. With a high number of files being stored, a well-set-up file management solution can help keep your sales and marketing teams organized. A DAM marketing solution can not only help teams sort through this increasing number of files quicker but can also be used to streamline file versions, so only the latest version of a file is searchable, with previous versions being readily available to restore.

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Stockpress does it differently

When implementing a digital asset management solution for sales and marketing teams, you’ll be providing a file storage solution that allows for quick access to sales and marketing collateral at every stage of the buying cycle.

Unlimited users

All Stockpress packages come with unlimited users. This means you can invite all your team members and external users to use your cloud storage platform, without having to pay more.

Custom user roles

We give you unlimited user roles and customizable permissions so that you control what your users can see and do in your workspace.

Unlimited teams

Create unlimited teams for file sharing and make files accessible to multiple users at once.

No file duplication

Keep file storage costs down and efficiency up by having one file in multiple places without ever being duplicated.

File tagging

Add custom tags manually or with our AI tagging tool, making it easier for your teams to access the files they are looking for with our visual search and dynamic file organization filters.

File versioning

Keep in-progress digital files together in one central location with file versioning for better version control. Track the life cycle of that file and revert to previous versions as needed.

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Types of digital assets used by sales and marketing teams

Anyone in a marketing team will know that no file is off-limits, and having a digital asset management solution that can accommodate all file types and sizes should be a requirement. From brand and product photography to documents and spreadsheets, at some point marketing teams will need to create, manage and distribute them all through an easy-to-use document management solution.

Sales teams are often the recipients of the files created by the marketing team.

With a DAM solution, sales teams can quickly find and distribute a specific document to their clients. A powerful part of digital asset management solutions for sales teams is that they can also track client open rates. Whether it’s a PDF or Powerpoint presentation or the latest order form or pricing sheet, a digital asset management solution can be used to access files, share documents, track their usage and gather valuable insights on customer engagements.