Not-for-profit shouldn’t mean not-for-tech.

Running a non-profit is a feat of organization. Treat your team to a better way of managing, using, and sharing files - with a 40% non-profit discount!

All of your files, all of your team, all in one place.

We know how much hard work goes into running a nonprofit, and that keeping things organized as employees, staff, and partners come and go is incredibly important. That’s why we offer 501c3 nonprofits a 40% discount on all annual packages.

Get organized

Organize, manage, collaborate and share your files with teams of users inside and outside your organization.

Manage and share

Any file type of any size including photos, videos, word documents, spreadsheets, and cloud projects.

Search and filter

Easily find assets by date, filename, keywords, tags, and more.

Unlimited users

Unlimited internal and external users with custom roles in all workspace tiers – for free.

Safe and secure

Keep your files secure with private share links, expiration dates, custom collaboration settings, and download upon request.

Usage reporting

Track file usage with advanced reporting including most searched terms, most downloaded files, and more.

Digital asset management (DAM) for nonprofits

The leaner a nonprofit can run the better it is for the cause, and making the most of digital assets without having to recreate them over and over again is a must. With transitory teams, often relying on volunteers for support, assets can quickly become lost or misused as they travel through different hands. Implementing centralized digital asset management for nonprofits is a much easier and simpler way of getting everyone in your nonprofit working together.

For nonprofits, the benefit of DAM software does not end there. Nonprofits are often reliant on producing both virtual and in-person events.

When their staff and volunteers come together at these events these teams create valuable assets including photographs, videos, and interviews that can be used to create marketing collateral. However, without a central digital asset management solution for these assets to be stored, they can often be lost and never used at all.

By implementing the right DAM software, nonprofits can expect a more controlled brand where access can be tailored to users so they can get the assets they need when they need them.

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For nonprofit teams

Whether it’s marketing files for your annual gala or supporting documents for a grant submission, Stockpress gives you the tools you need to spend more time making a positive impact.

Nonprofits are no different from any other type of organization. They are competing for every dollar and with Stockpress, they can benefit from a nonprofit software discount to ensure they stand out from the crowd.


  • Manage, use and share files of all types with no limit on file size or format.
  • Organize files by event, campaign, date, and more for an easy-to-navigate and easy-to-discover experience.
  • Allow internal and external stakeholders to create Collections of files and collaborate together – without the need to buy additional user licenses.
  • Distribute assets quickly and securely with private links and custom collaboration settings.

Types of digital assets used by nonprofits

Nonprofits are reliant on a wide variety of digital assets to be effective. These files come in all types and sizes, so selecting digital asset management for nonprofits that can accept all files is essential. Whether a nonprofit is looking to store and distribute high-resolution photography from their last event, videos explaining their cause or press releases with the media, A digital asset management solution can make the process less labor intensive.

DAM software can work across an organization with different teams to allow them to access what they need when they need it, and collaborate cross-functionally. Whether it is the marketing team producing new brochures, the sponsorship team creating new presentations, freelance photographers at a gala, or the executive director who needs to access everything for their board meeting, implementing DAM software will give your team that one place to work together.

Running a nonprofit is hard. Stockpress makes managing your team’s files and cloud projects easier!

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