Don’t waste time finding your digital assets,
spend time using them.

Stockpress is a flexible, cloud-native Digital Asset Management platform (DAM) that helps businesses organize, manage, collaborate and share all file formats, from one platform, anywhere in the world, and only pay for what you use.

Managing your digital assets shouldn’t be a juggling act

We know the challenges that managing digital assets can pose because we’ve been there! You’ll be interested in Stockpress if:

  • You’re using hard drives and local servers to store your assets.
  • You’re using a combination of file management/file-sharing platforms like Dropbox and WeTransfer to store, manage and share files.
  • Your team is shifting to a hybrid or remote working model and you need to be able to access files from anywhere.
  • You are looking for an alternative to your existing DAM platform because you need more flexible functionality and permissions while exploring the potential to reduce your platform spend.

A good DAM platform, like Stockpress, should help you avoid moments like these!

Files that are too large to share, corrupted thumb drives, and a loss of version control all lead to a big ball dropping in a monumental way!

The moral of the story is that running out of storage sucks – especially when it causes you to delete your boss’s new, very expensive, brand campaign.

Easy to use, intuitive technology for modern DAM clients

We built Stockpress because we are long-time users of DAM platforms ourselves, but struggled to find a single, user-friendly platform that did what we needed.

With Stockpress, you get all the standard features you would expect from a great enterprise DAM platform, but we added a number of unique and useful ‘real-world’ features, designed to help you manage your assets and your users day-to-day.

User roles and teams:

Assign unlimited custom user roles and user groups with variable permissions based on the needs of the business.

Flexible Metadata and Custom Tagging:

Create unlimited organization-specific custom categories and tags for enhanced search and filter capabilities.

File versioning

Track the lifecycle of a file while ensuring that only the latest version is accessible.

External platform access:

Allow potential users of Stockpress to apply for access and be approved or denied by administrators.

Unlimited custom pages:

Curate a landing page from a collection of assets with a customizable URL.

Asset archive:

Store outdated files outside of the live file structure while keeping them readily available for re-use

AI Tag Assist (Optional):

Our AI technology applies relevant tags to files with a high level of accuracy. This makes searching for files using keywords even easier.
* AI Tag Assist is a free option in Stockpress. It can be switched on or off according to your approach to metadata.

White-glove onboarding and asset migration

We understand that no two organizations are the same, and we like to spend the time with our clients to help them get set up. We offer platform training to administrators and in-platform onboarding for users.

Unlike a lot of other DAM platforms, where possible, we will help migrate your assets to Stockpress with our automated asset migration tool and mapping of existing metadata.

Every Stockpress account is assigned their own personal account manager for setup, training, and ongoing support so you can always speak with a real person when you need to.