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The functionality and ease of navigating Stockpress has increased efficiency, improved collaboration, and become an essential tool in our day-to-day operation.

For growing teams Stockpress makes managing files easy!

  • No more paying per user.
  • No more confusing folder structures.
  • No more limits on file size or type.
  • No need to duplicate files.

Get your whole team and all your files in one place – so your team can spend less time looking for files and more time using them.

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An easy to use platform to manage your files, your way.

Whatever the file type or wherever you are, Stockpress makes finding your files, and using them, easier than ever before.

Unlimited users with every package

AI Tagging & flexible metadata

Visual Search & dynamic filters

Unlimited Teams & custom roles

File versioning &

Unlimited file sharing & tracking

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Built for teams.

Manage and share unlimited files, in any format or size, quickly and easily with individuals or predefined teams.

Sales & Marketing Teams

Sales & Marketing Teams

Ensure your sales and marketing teams have the files they need to sell successfully.

Retail & E-commerce Teams

Retail & E-commerce Teams

Manage and share product photos, product specifications and product descriptions.

PR & Media Teams

PR & Media Teams

Collaborate with partners and distribute files quickly and easily with pre-defined teams.

Solutions for Teams


Manage all your clients in one place, but only let them see the files that you want them to see.

Design & Creative Teams

Design & Creative Teams

Manage and share the latest versions of creative assets throughout the creative process.

Product & Project Teams

Product & Project Teams

Manage and share the files for your projects with internal teams and external stakeholders.

Stockpress helps you avoid situations like these...

Series 1, Episode 1: Oops, I did it again!

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You’ve found what you’re looking for if…

You’ve found what you’re looking for if…

  • You are using a combination of file management/file-sharing platforms to store, manage and share files.
  • You are operating a hybrid or remote working model and need to be able to access files from anywhere.
  • You are looking for an alternative to your existing Enterprise DAM platform because you need a more flexible and lean solution.

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