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File management for teams who want to spend less time looking for their files and more time using them.
Stockpress is an intuitive platform that makes finding, sharing and using your files easier.

Built for teams.

Easily share your files, in any format or size, internally or externally with individual users or predefined teams. Whether you select a user from your platform, type an email address or create a share link, you’ll be sure to get your assets to those who need them quickly and easily.

  • We run a 100% remote working media organization dealing with large files of all types. We needed one tool that bought the team together and enabled them to work effectively and efficiently from anywhere. Stockpress was everything we were looking for.

    Dana PaulRitual Motion
  • We have gone from using DropBox, Google Drive, and WeTransfer to using Stockpress. Before making the switch, I could never find the files I was looking for, and even if I could, I often had to use another platform to share them.

    Barry HinckleyYotme Inc.

Visual, flexible, and easy to use.

We built Stockpress because we are long-time users of File Management and DAM platforms ourselves, but struggled to find a single, user-friendly platform that did what we needed.

With Stockpress, you get all the features you would expect from an enterprise DAM, but in a lightweight platform for teams in SMB and mid-market businesses, who need to keep their teams close and their files closer.

Visual Search

The tags and metadata on your files make finding your files easy with our visual search and dynamic file filters.

AI tagging and flexible metadata

Create unlimited organization-specific custom categories and tags for enhanced search and filter capabilities.

User roles and teams:

Assign unlimited custom user roles and user teams with variable permissions based on the needs of the business.

…and so much more!

With unlimited users, you can keep your files close and your teams closer.

All your people and all of your files, in one place. Stockpress doesn’t charge a per-user license fee, so you don’t have to worry about removing one user to make room for another. We keep our pricing simple based on the assets that you store.

Pricing starts from $250 per month, with a 10% discount available for those paying for 12 months upfront.

A good File Management platform, like Stockpress, should help you avoid moments like these!

Files that are too large to share, corrupted thumb drives, and a loss of version control all lead to a big ball dropping in a monumental way!

The moral of the story is that running out of storage sucks – especially when it causes you to delete your boss’s new, very expensive, brand campaign.