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Most teams hate their file storage and sharing process.

Have you said one of these statements recently?

  • I can’t access that link, I’m out of storage!
  • Which one of these files is the latest version?
  • I can’t add you, we’re out of user licenses!
  • The file is too big to send.

Traditional enterprise file management software is built on complex folder structures, duplicate files, and expensive user licenses that limit team collaboration. Enterprise Digital Asset Management (DAM) can be expensive, require a dedicated resource to manage, and can take months – if not years – to implement.

One file management platform to replace them all

Stockpress combines the folder structure from traditional file management platforms with digital asset management features like file tagging to transform the way teams find, organize, use, and share files.

A better way to get organized.

A better way to get organized.

Retain your folder structure without duplicating files for a more organized file management approach. Get the power of digital asset management features including custom tagging, flexible metadata mapping, and intuitive AI.

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Find the files you need, when you need them.

Find the files you need, when you need them.

Search and filter based on file names, descriptions, tags, and file metadata such as date, orientation, file owner, and more – making it easier to discover what you’re looking for.

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Flexible collaboration without limits.

Flexible collaboration without limits.

Keep your files visible to only those who need them with custom user roles and permissions. Organize your users into teams for quick and easy collaboration, and never worry about running out of user licenses again – thanks to unlimited users with every package.

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Share links you can track and control.

Share links you can track and control.

Easily and securely share files with the people who need them, and choose how they can be viewed and used. With multiple layouts, varying permissions, expiration dates, tracking, and more – you are always in control of your files.

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Anyone can be a digital asset manager

With these features and more, Stockpress makes it simple.

Switching to Stockpress is easy

Switching to Stockpress from traditional enterprise file management software such as Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive? You can connect, import, and organize individual files and folders, or your entire account – all into Stockpress in minutes.

Dropbox, Box, Google Drive integration

Get started for free with unlimited users and 3 GB of storage, and transform the way your team organizes, uses, shares and collaborates on files.

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Seamless collaboration for distributed teams starts with Stockpress

File management designed for creative, marketing, content, brand, and product teams.

Sales & marketing

Ensure your sales and marketing teams have the files they need to sell successfully.

Design & creative

Manage and share the latest versions of files throughout the creative process.


Manage all your clients in one place, with access to only the files they need.

Retail & e-commerce

Manage and share product photos, product specifications and product descriptions.

PR & Media

Collaborate with partners and distribute files quickly and easily with pre-defined teams.

Product & Project

Manage and share the files for your projects with internal teams and external teams.

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Start spending less time looking for your files and more time using them.

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The file management platform we were looking for!

The number of people on your team shouldn’t limit your ability to collaborate in the best possible way. We want to help teams love something they hate, and that’s why we’re doing digital asset management (DAM) differently. No more costs per user and reliable cloud file storage that is easy to use and easy to implement.

For growing teams, traditional DAMs can be expensive, complicated, and take a long time to implement, Stockpress is the easiest way for teams to find, use, and share files. It is intuitive, easy to use, and quick to implement.

Stockpress cloud file storage transforms the relationship between teams, their files, and cloud projects by bringing everyone together in one workspace to organize, manage, collaborate, and share any file type, from anywhere in the world.

Stockpress is designed to help distributed teams collaborate internally and externally with employees, agencies, and freelancers because we believe that the files used for content, brand, marketing, and product campaigns should be easy to find, easy to use, easy to share, and easy to measure and teams should be aligned.