Don’t waste time finding your digital assets,
spend time using them.

Stockpress is a digital asset management platform (DAM) that helps you organize, manage, collaborate and share photos,
videos, documents and more from one platform – anywhere in the world.

By DAM professionals, for DAM professionals.

Our cloud-based platform is perfect for organizations with complex staff or client structures that require different levels
of access to assets. Stockpress gives those managing digital assets an easy and intuitive platform to:


With Stockpress you won’t use a traditional folder structure but categories and tags to organize your assets. This means no more duplicate files and unnecessary storage space – just a lot of different ways to find, share and use the same file.


Managing an entire workforce can be like herding cats.
Stockpress allows digital asset managers to control the way assets are accessed and used. We use user roles and groups to ensure your designers aren’t seeing the same files as your sales team.


Say goodbye to long, confusing email threads, and hello to in-platform collaboration via ‘liking’ and commenting. With Stockpress, you’ll never miss a trick thanks to our in-platform and email notifications.



Sharing your assets shouldn’t be challenging. Share them internally or externally with individual users or predefined groups of users with a click of your mouse. Add optional notes and expiration dates for further control.



We don’t charge you for the number of digital assets you store or the number of users you have. We believe that all of your
assets should live in one place and that all of the people you need to share them with should be able to access them.

We understand that no business is the same, that’s why we like to talk to every new client and listen to their needs.

To find out about more about Stockpress pricing, please get in touch.

Herding cats