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Flexible cloud file storage and management for growing teams.

Whatever the file type, Stockpress makes finding your files, and using them, easier than ever before.

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Flexible cloud file storage and management for growing teams.

What makes Stockpress different?

DAM capabilities, file management approach.

Stockpress gives you unlimited users. Why does that matter? 

Make sure your team members and external partners have access to the files they need by inviting them ALL to your workspace without the need to buy additional user licenses.

Collections vs. folders. Why does not having to duplicate files matter? 

With Stockpress, one file can live in multiple Collections without having to be duplicated. This means better version control and reduced storage requirements.

A lean and flexible file management solution.

With Stockpress, you get all the features you would expect from an enterprise DAM, but in a lightweight platform.

Visual search

Visual search

The tags and metadata associated with your files make finding and using them easier than ever before with our visual search and dynamic file filters.

User roles and teams

User roles and teams

Assign unlimited custom user roles and user teams with variable permissions based on the needs of the business.

AI tagging and flexible metadata

AI tagging and flexible metadata

Create unlimited organization-specific custom categories and tags for enhanced search and filter capabilities.

SSO and 2FA

SSO and 2FA

Keep your workspace and files secure with optional Single Sign On (SSO) and 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) support for individual user accounts.

File management, your way.

Enjoy the same platform features no matter what package you choose.


  • Unlimited custom roles
  • Custom file access
  • Unlimited teams
  • Custom download file sizes
  • Private and public files
  • Archive


  • Any file type accepted
  • Drag and drop upload
  • No file duplication
  • File versioning
  • File metadata mapping
  • Track downloads and shares


  • Access
  • Private/public
  • File favoriting
  • File commenting
  • File and Collection sharing
  • Expiration dates on shares


  • Optional AI tagging
  • Custom metadata fields
  • Visual search
  • Filtering by tag and file details


  • Workplace usage
  • User reports
  • File history
  • Track shares

We run a 100% remote working media organization dealing with large files of all types. We needed one tool that bought the team together and enabled them to work effectively and efficiently from anywhere. Stockpress is that tool.

Flexible file management built for scale.

Whatever the file type or wherever you are, Stockpress makes finding your files, and using them, easier than ever before.

FeatureTraditional Business File Management PlatformAverage Enterprise DAM Platform
Unlimited users
AI auto-taggingSelect DAMs
Branded platformSelect DAMs
Custom user roles & capabilities
Custom user teams & capabilities
Visual file search
Dynamic file filters
CostGet Started for FREE (unlimited users) 10 users = $250 p/mo (approx.) From $1000 p/mo (approx.)

File management is complex. Stockpress makes it simple.

We help thousands of users avoid situations like these...

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