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Whether it’s hi-res property images, drone videos, floor plans, or property descriptions, Stockpress can help your team get the files they need when they need them - and list properties quicker!

Manage and share

Any file type of any size including TIF, jpg, raw, pdf, mp4, MOV, and more.


Keep your property files visible to only those who need them with custom permission settings.

Unlimited users

No matter how many agents or freelancers you have, get them all in your workspace – for free.

Safe and Secure

Keep your files secure with private share links, expiration dates, view-only files, and more.

Usage reporting

Track file usage with advanced reporting including most searched terms, most downloaded files, and more.

Search and Filter

By property, agent, date, filename, keywords, tags, and more.

Digital asset management (DAM) for real estate

A real estate file management system is an essential part of any modern real estate business. It is a marketing tool that allows you to store and organize your digital files in a way that makes them accessible to everyone who needs them – while managing and distributing them to external partners and clients.

Real estate businesses create large numbers of digital assets and need to be able to make them available to individuals and teams quickly and easily. A digital real estate asset management solution used by real estate teams to manage assets can ensure that users can easily find, share, and reuse assets.

Within real estate businesses, the file management system is the central repository for all digital files. This invaluable piece of software allows every digital file, regardless of type or size, to be tagged with information such as keywords and other custom metadata to help users quickly refine their searches. Implementing a real estate file management solution is a great way to streamline workflows and help large teams collaborate from anywhere using the most up-to-date files.

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For photographers and videographers

Whether you manage large numbers of high-resolution images and videos or you need to find those images to produce creative content, Stockpress was built for you.

To win business against your competitors, your digital assets need to be of the highest quality, to ensure you are showing properties in the best light – and ultimately selling faster!


  • Upload high-resolution property images and video with no restrictions on file type or size.
  • Organize images by property type, agent, date, and more for an easy-to-navigate and easily discoverable experience.
  • Add keywords and tags to make property files and marketing materials easier to find than ever before.
  • Allow internal staff or external partners to create Collections for image selection and collaboration – without duplicating your files.
  • Distribute assets quickly and securely with private and/or view-only links and custom collaboration settings.
  • Approve clients for access to files and images.

When you manage a lot of digital files, Stockpress makes it easy to find, use, and share them quickly and easily.

For agents and managers

Successful real estate marketing relies on a lot of different file types, and a great team. Give them an easy way to find, use, and share files quickly so you can spend less time searching and more time selling.

The volume of digital assets being produced by real estate companies has grown rapidly. To meet the rising consumer expectations, a tool such as a cloud-based file management system can help you distribute files at pace.


  • Find the files you need when you need them with visual search and filters
  • Share image selects and floorplans to clients quickly and securely with private and view-only links
  • Organize external cloud documents alongside your files to keep every asset associated with a property together.
  • Quickly access company documents and marketing materials to help you sell properties quicker
  • Archive property assets so they can be reused in the future – reducing re-marketing costs.
  • Track usage and downloads to ensure your files are being viewed and used in the right way.

Types of digital assets used by real estate teams

The majority of assets in a real estate company will be made up of high-quality imagery, floor plans, documents for descriptions and specifications, as well as video and drone footage.

Whether it is real estate under construction or a property that is being re-marketed, having the right assets to hand will only help you bring it to market quicker! Having all the assets you need, available in a real estate file management system is the best way to ensure that people have access to the marketing collateral that needs to sell a home.

From brochures, flyers, floor plans, and signage, to promotional events, seasonal activities, partnerships, and overall brand activations – a digital file management solution is a must.

Producing assets required to sell real estate is a costly exercise so making sure that those assets are securely stored, and can be accessed over time is important to maximize the return on investment. Having all of your agents, administrators, marketers, and property managers able to find the assets they need to be effective is now possible with a digital real estate management system.

Stockpress adapts to the requirements of agile real estate teams.

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