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File management software that’s easy to use, built for any file type, and includes unlimited users in every package.

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The essentials you need for your team to start collaborating.

  • 3 GB Storage
  • Free

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Free plan features:
  • Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive Integration
  • Duplicatate file detection
  • AI tagging
  • Manual file tagging
  • Any file type
  • Custom download sizes
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Cloud project links
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Advanced features and flexible storage for growing teams.

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Everything in Free, plus:
  • Custom branded workspace
  • Expiration dates
  • File watermarking
  • Custom Pages
  • Usage reports
  • Connected workspaces
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Custom storage, integrated security and dedicated support.

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Everything in Teams, plus:
  • External upload pages
  • Single sign-on
  • IPTC & EXIF metadata mapping
  • Onboarding support
  • Dedicated account support
  • Unlimited training
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Premium Plus

Ideal for teams with complex use cases.

Everything in Premium:
  • Custom Pricing
  • Custom Storage

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We’ve gone from using Dropbox, Google Drive, and WeTransfer to using Stockpress. Before we made the switch, we could never find the files we needed and consistently had to buy additional user licenses for our growing team. With Stockpress, managing the costs associated with file management is easy – we’ve even been able to cut our storage requirements in half by using Stockpress to identify and merge our duplicate files.

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Premium Get Started
Manage and organize
Any file type, any size Upload any file type at any size with no limitations
Identify duplicate files Automatically identify duplicate files and merge, delete or archive them
Thumbnail previews With a visual thumbnail generated for every file, you can find any file, at any time, visually
Drag and drop upload Get your files into your workspace quickly and easily by dragging and dropping from your desktop or editing system
Drag to select Drag to select files in your workspace for quick editing or building Collections
Link cards Add links to any cloud-based project so you can organize all aspects of your projects in one place
Easily move files Drag and drop files from one Collection to another
No file duplication Add files to multiple Collections at one time, without duplication
File versioning Group revisions and iterations of files together so you always know which file is the right one
Private Collections Create private Collections of your most used files so you can access them quickly, without duplication
Public Collections Set Collections and files to public for files that can be accessed by your entire workspace team
Collections in Collections Create Collections in Collections for a visual folder structure
Collection builder Build Collections and curate selects visually from files already in your workspace
Custom Collection thumbnails Easily set Collection thumbnails for a customized visual appearance
Multiple file views Quickly switch from masonry, tile, grid, or list view in Collections to browse files in a way that works for you
Quick edit Save time by editing files in the single-file view
File re-ordering Drag and drop files within Collections to easily curate the order that is right for you
Multi-select Select multiple files and Collections at once for bulk editing, sharing, visibility changes, and more
Custom pages Create custom pages for brand guides, event recaps, projects, and more
Archive Archive files and Collections that you don’t want to appear in search. Decide, by role, which users can access the archive
Upload and tag
Import files Whether it’s a few files, a few folders, or your entire library, you can import it all to Stockpress in minutes from Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive
Filterable categories Create filterable categories to suit your needs
Distributed files Add files to multiple Collections at one-time
File visibility Upload public or private files visible to your workspace teams and users
Precise access control Quick and easy upload with collaboration control for teams and users
Bulk tagging Associate tags with multiple images at once with bulk and per-image tagging
Track and report Track uploads by user, team, date, search term, and more
AI tagging Automatically tag your images with 90% accuracy using our AI tagging tool
Custom tags Add custom tags during upload to all file types
IPTC & EXIF mapping Automatically import IPTC and EXIF metadata info from files into your workspace
Flexible custom metadata Add unlimited custom categories for precise tagging
Tag structures Set a specific tagging structure per custom category to ensure the correct tags are added by uploaders
Set tagging limits Limit new tag creation to ensure consistent tagging
External upload pages Create public pages for external users to upload files directly to Collections in your workspace
Find and use
Visually search Find your files quickly and easily by searching keywords, tags, descriptions, and other file metadata
Organized search results View search results grouped by file or Collection
Dynamically filter Filter files by tag and/or file metadata such as file orientation, file extension, file type, and more
File ownership Filter files by owner and upload date
File status View and filter files by assigned status, to create a customized workflow
Unlimited users Invite unlimited users to your workspace whether they are internal or external to your organization
Unlimited teams Create unlimited teams of workspace users and invite them to collaborate on Collections and files
Public or restricted files Control file visibility by setting files and Collections to Public, so everyone in your workspace can see them, or restricted and only accessible to those you invite to collaborate
Public of restricted Collections Create Private and Restricted Collections to control the visibility of groups of files
File favoriting Favorite workspace files for quick and easy access per user account
File commenting Leave comments on files with workspace teams and users
Instant downloads Downloads trigger immediately with no lag time
No file size limits Download files and Collections with no download size limits
Custom download sizes Create unlimited download sizes to automatically re-size or crop your images
Custom user roles Create unlimited roles to control what users can do in your workspace
Internal and external sharing Create unlimited share links to files and Collections
Updatable share links Create share links to Collections that automatically update when files are added
View only Share files and Collections with view-only options
Enabled statuses Allow external users to change statuses on your files
Email required Require external users to leave their email address before downloading files
Enable file sizes Select which files sizes are available to download per share link
Share favoriting Allow external users to favorite files annonymously
Share comments Leave user comments for display on each shared page
Share views Select grid, masonry, or slideshow views to suit your needs
Link restrictions Set link restrictions for viewing by logged-in users only
Expiration dates Set expiration dates by day, week, month, or custom lengths
Link tracking Track opens, views, and downloads of all share links
Watermark shared files Add optional watermarks to your shared files
Security, performance, and support
Online chat support Chat support, when you need it, right from your workspace!
Trusted AWS hosting All files hosted on AWS and redundantly stored
Reliability at scale No matter how many files you have, or the size of your organization – Stockpress scales to suit your use case
2-factor authentication Enable 2FA per user or per account
Onboarding support Unlimited personalized onboarding and tailored training available for premium account tiers
Custom user role permissions Create advanced restrictions by limiting permissions based on user role or team.
Advanced feature controls Customize your users experience by turning on and off capabilities with simple toggles
Download requests Create a question or series of questions before granting workspace users the right to download files or Collections
Single sign-on Seamlessly authenticate into Stockpress through your company’s SSO service
Admin features
Configurable workspace Turn on and off your available workspace features based on need
Collaboration control Turn on and off commenting and favoriting – or enable for admins only
Unlimited users No restrictions on the number of workspace users – for ALL tiers, even free!
Unlimited teams Create unlimited teams to easily collaborate with multiple users at once
Custom categories Create unlimited custom categories for workspace-specific file tagging
File statuses Create workflows with customizable file statuses for files
Custom file sizes Create unlimited file sizes to automatically resize and/or crop downloads
Customizable file filters Show or hide filters based on need
File history Track the history of every file – from the moment it’s uploaded – including downloads, collaborators, shares, edits, and more
Track share links Track the view and download history on all share links
Connected workspaces Seamlessly switch between Stockpress workspaces you are a part of
Usage reporting Run reports on file usage by user, team, date, and more
Custom pages Create custom pages for brand guides, event recaps, projects, and more
Image watermarks Optionally add watermarks to files for specific user roles or share links
Unlimited custom roles Add unlimited custom roles and manage access to features such as archive, settings, and capabilities
Branded workspace Customize your workspace logo and colors with all paid account tiers.
Export metadata Export the metadata structure of your entire workspace to a CSV, by date
Map your metadata Import a tagging structure to a custom category and restrict mapped tags

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