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Successful e-commerce and retail is in the detail.

We’re helping busy e-commerce, retail and merchandising teams organize, find and use their digital assets from anywhere in the world.

The easiest way to manage e-commerce and retail assets.

From images and videos to spreadsheets and copy documents, Stockpress gives your internal teams and external partners one central location to upload, use, and share files to help bring products to market quickly and accurately.

Get organized

Organize, manage, collaborate and share your files from every stage of production.

Manage and share

Manage technical specifications, pricing models, visual assets, and brand descriptions according to SKU.

Search and filter

Easily find assets using dynamic filtering and visual search.

Unlimited users

Unlimited internal and external users with custom roles in all workspace tiers – for free.

File access

Manage access and user capabilities to ensure your assets are being used by the right person, in the right way, at the right time.

Custom tags

Apply unlimited tags to files so you can find them easily with our visual search and filters.

Digital asset management (DAM) for e-commerce and retail

Taking a product to market and merchandising it on and offline requires the effort of many people and teams working together. Large numbers of digital files are being produced that need to be readily available throughout the process. A digital asset management solution for ecommerce is ideal for teams to centralize the assets required for use across e-commerce and retail channels.

Without a DAM solution, it can be difficult for e-commerce and retail businesses to deliver efficient and effective product launches, campaigns, and day-to-day management of product sales.

Implementing a file management solution can be a quick and easy process that brings all stakeholders in an e-commerce and retail business together. From product design and management to online sales, and in-store merchandising – a digital asset management solution for e-commerce is an important piece to the puzzle.

DAM solutions enable you to store your digital files together and organize them according to your team’s needs. By storing them in the cloud, they can be accessed securely from your file management solution from anywhere in the world.

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For e-commerce teams

One centralized location for managing internal and external teams and the files required to sell effectively, online or in person, is essential.

With more consumers shopping online every day, and our ability to produce a wider variety of products than ever before, the number of high-quality assets required by e-commerce businesses has increased dramatically.


  • Upload images with IPTC and EXIF metadata or custom keywords and tags.
  • Organize images by brand, product, season, campaign, date, and more for an easy-to-navigate and easy-to-discover experience.
  • Allow internal or external partners to create Collections by product or campaign and collaborate on them – together.
  • Distribute assets quickly and securely with private links and custom collaboration settings.
  • Approve distributors, wholesalers, and marketplace partners for access to files and images.

When you manage a lot of digital files, Stockpress makes it easy to find, use, and share them quickly and easily among e-commerce, retail, and merchandising teams.

For retail stores and merchandisers

Whether you manage large numbers of high-resolution images or you need to find those images to produce creative displays, Stockpress was built for you.

For those who sell offline, retail has become as much about the experience as it is about the product itself. With more assets needed to support the buying experience, having a centralized cloud-based digital asset management solution can accelerate the time to market, and help your team stay on brand across channels.


  • Download files of any type or size without limits.
  • Organize images, video clips, spreadsheets, copy docs, vector files, cloud projects, and more…
  • Create unlimited teams by store or brand to organize and control the visibility of your files so they are seen by only those who need them.
  • Distribute images to teams quickly and securely with private links and custom collaboration settings so they can stay on-brand.

Types of digital assets used by e-commerce and retail teams

E-commerce and retail businesses require digital assets of all types and sizes, so selecting a digital asset management solution for e-commerce that can cater to these wide-ranging needs is a must. From high-resolution product photography and video reviews to SKU data sheets, documents for product descriptions, and design files, the process of marketing a product online and offline is asset-intensive.

The process often starts with marketing and goes into product design before being passed on to product managers, e-commerce managers, and merchandisers. Having a DAM solution that allows for these individuals and teams to collaborate through the process and bring a product to market saves time and money, which in e-commerce and retail – is the name of the game.

Stockpress adapts to the requirements of agile teams.

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