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What is Stockpress?

A collaborative file management platform for distributed teams managing employees, agencies, and freelancers, that combines the ease of use of file management, with the features of a DAM.

What is Stockpress?

Why we built Stockpress

Before building Stockpress, the founding team ran a successful digital development agency for 12 years and was continuously frustrated by having to use a combination of platforms to collaborate on files with freelancers and clients.

An opportunity to work with a large sports media organization introduced us to Digital Asset Management (DAM) and opened our eyes to the capabilities of this enterprise technology – but also highlighted its complexities.

DAM features were what was missing from the file management platforms we were using, but the cost of switching was out of reach. In 2018 we purposefully set out to build the tool we were missing.

Stockpress started out as an internal tool for our team but was soon adopted by our clients. At that point, we knew we were on to something! In 2022, we went full-time with Stockpress thanks to funding from Stage 2 Capital, Alumni Ventures, and Deftly Ventures.

(Clockwise L-R) Jessica Storry, Bartoz Romanowski, Kamila Romanowska, Ian Parkes

Founding team


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Revenue Officer


Chief Technology Officer


Chief Creative Officer

Investment team

Liz Christo

Stage 2 Capital

David Cynn

Alumni Ventures

Wesley Yiu

Alumni Ventures

Arie Abecassis

Deftly Ventures

Matt Brown

Deftly Ventures

Advisory Board

Barry Hinckley

Finance & Investment

Breezy Beaumont

Product Led Growth

Mauricio Suarez

Growth Advisor

Greg McLeod

Creative Advisor

Andy Friedland

Revenue & Pickeball Affascinato

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