The State of Sports Media and Sports Marketing 2024 Survey

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About the survey

The survey delves into critical aspects such as the effectiveness of SEO strategies, emerging trends in sports marketing, the impact of streaming services, and the role of data analytics. It further explores your approach to media relations, measurement of campaign success, and the significance of new technologies emerging in the space.

Navigating challenges and opportunities:

We’ll ask about your perspectives on important challenges such as the changing face of digital marketing, inclusivity in campaigns, and the management of sports media assets. We’ll explore opportunities emerging in the industry from leveraging AI, expanding into new and emerging markets, and capitalizing on the growth of sport beyond the product on the field, court, or track!

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Understanding media creation and distribution:

We’ll be asking you to share insights on the predominant media formats and channels your team focuses on, and the use of Generative AI tools in content creation, so we can understand the efficiency of media management processes, and unlock new ways to maximize the impact of the media and content we create.

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Your expertise matters:

The adage of being stronger together has never been more important as sports media and marketing continue to boom. Aggregating the knowledge of our peers is essential for staying ahead of the game. As an industry pro, your insights are invaluable and your responses will contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the current state of the industry, fostering knowledge-sharing and helping shape the future of sports media and marketing.

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