Digital Asset Management for product & project teams

Manage multiple stakeholders during product and project life cycles with custom user roles and teams.

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Digital Asset Management for product & project teams

Digital asset management (DAM) for product and project teams

Effectively managing products and running successful projects relies on great communication and being hyper-organized. With project file management software being the heart of organizing, storing, and distributing digital assets, aligning your project management function with a digital asset management solution means you can create a centralized location for project teams across an organization to access their assets.

Product and project management teams are often a cross-functional part of a business. They will interact with everyone from design, creative, and marketing, to manufacturing, sales, and finance.

Their role is to make sure that a business stays on course, and that its products and product information are always up to date. Because of this, product and project teams manage many different types of files. To manage these successfully, a file management system can ensure that everyone who needs them has access to them.

Product and project teams often operate in high-stress conditions, and the pace of work is increasing by the day. With more projects, and greater productivity being demanded, product and project teams can benefit from a digital asset management platform to help keep distributed teams on track. Finding ways for team members to collaborate more easily is imperative in reducing inefficiency, stress, and missed deadlines.

Problems with traditional file management platforms.


Finding files can be difficult when relying on original file names alone.


Organizing and distributing files to different teams often requires creating multiple folders and duplicating files.

File versioning

Keeping track of the most current files in the creative process can be difficult when you have multiple versions of the same thing.

User licenses

Making sure every member of a product or project team can be part of one DAM platform can be costly because of user license fees.

Tracking usage

Traditional file management platforms don’t provide analytics on file actions, usage, or downloads.

Stockpress does it differently

Unlimited users

Unlimited users mean every member of your team can be a part of the process without additional cost.

File statuses

Create custom file statuses and move a file through a product or project lifecycle.


Archive out-of-date files to keep current files front and center. Maintain complete control by keeping your digital library visible only to admins or those with permission to view it.

File sharing

Share files with teams of users within partner manufacturers, retail customers, or distributors of any file type or size.

Visual search & filter

Easily find assets using dynamic filtering and visual search.

Custom & AI tags

Apply unlimited tags to files so you can find them easily with our visual search and filters.

The number of digital assets in product and project teams

The world has gone digital and product and project teams often bear the brunt with digital assets of all types powering product development, product management, and projects. This increase in digital files has to be met with improved technology in file management systems. Without this, marketing assets can be lost, resulting in the duplication of work or the wrong versions of files being used because of a lack of version control.

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Types of digital assets used by product and project teams

Product and project managers will be required to manage digital assets of all types and sizes, so selecting a single platform that caters to these wide-ranging needs is a must. From digital content such as high-resolution product photography, design specifications, and product blueprints, to SKU data sheets, and documents, the process of bringing all digital assets together in a central location can be intense. Having one digital asset management system to keep creative files and cloud projects so everyone can find the creative assets they need when they need them no matter where they are in the world – means less time looking for files and more time using them.