Digital Asset Management software for higher education

Helping teams across schools and departments manage, find, and distribute files collaboratively.

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Digital Asset Management software for higher education

A master class in file management

Treat your team to a DAM platform that breaks down collaboration barriers without breaking your budget! Stockpress provides teams and partners with a single space to organize, find, and share content and media assets collaboratively.

Managing many file types across numerous departments can be complicated

Give your teams an easy way to find, use, and share content so they can get the most out of the assets they’ve created.

Organized content at your fingertips

Organized content at your fingertips

Say goodbye to scattered and unorganized files and hello to a more organized, efficient, and collaborative way of working. With intuitive search and filter tools, schools and staff can easily locate files, saving time and increasing productivity.

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Stay in sync with your team

Stay in sync with your team

Experience seamless content collaboration with tools like file commenting, favoriting, file versioning, and secure file sharing. Collaborate on assets across departments and securely share download, upload, and edit access.

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For marketing & communications teams in higher education

Schools and faculties are demanding increasing volumes of digital content for marketing, communications, and branding efforts. Stockpress can help you deliver your marketing asset management needs.

Search & filter

Find the files you need when you need them with visual search and filters

Customizable share links

Share image selects and videos to internal teams and external partners quickly and securely with private and view-only links

Link cards

Organize external cloud documents alongside your files to keep a wide range of assets organized together

File access

Restrict access to content and media files so you can make sure your content is visible to only those who need it


Reduce production costs and duplicative work by archiving assets for future use.

Report & track

Track usage and downloads to ensure your files are being viewed and used in the right way.

Quick-to-implement and easy-to-use DAM software

In a digital-first world, a smart file management system is an important part of any higher education institution helps streamline administrative tasks, facilitate collaboration among faculty, and ensure data security compliance.

For photographers, videographers, and content creators

Whether you're handling high volumes of high-resolution images and videos or looking for the perfect visuals for creative content creation, Stockpress has you covered.

No file limits

Upload high-res images and videos with no restrictions on file type or size.

Unlimited ways to organize

Organize assets by type, school, department, date, and more for an easy-to-navigate and easy-to-discover experience.

AI & custom tags

Add keywords and tags to make files easier for your team to find and use.

No file duplication

Allow internal staff or external partners to create their own Collections for image and video selects – without duplicating your files.

Unlimited sharing capability

Distribute media assets quickly and securely with private and view-only links with custom collaboration settings.

Customizable access

With unlimited users, you can approve specific team members and external partners to access more restricted files and images.

Switching to Stockpress is easy

Switching to Stockpress from traditional enterprise file management software such as Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive? Connect, import, and organize individual files and folders, or your entire account – all into Stockpress in minutes.

Dropbox, Box, Google Drive integrationDropbox, Box, Google Drive integration

Get started for FREE with unlimited users and 3 GB of storage, and transform the way your team organizes, uses, shares and collaborates on files.

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Got questions about managing digital assets for higher education?

  • What are the most common challenges you hear about digital asset management for education?

    In higher education, the most common challenges with digital asset management (DAM) stems from the sheer diversity and volume of assets that must be managed. Educational institutions often struggle with organizing and accessing various file types, from high-resolution images and videos to documents and brochures. These assets are distributed across multiple departments, making it difficult for teams to find what they need when they need it. Ensuring that all users, from faculty to marketing teams, have the right permissions to access and share these assets securely is a significant challenge. Plus, tracking the usage and effectiveness of these assets to justify production costs and ensure proper usage is a recurring concern.

  • Which areas tend to have the most assets to manage and distribute?

    Marketing and communications teams, without a doubt, manage and distribute the most assets in higher education. These teams are responsible for a wide variety of digital content, including email communications, website updates, flyers, brochures, and digital signage. They also handle materials for showcasing seasonal activities, campus events, partnerships, and brand activations. Additionally, academic departments generate a substantial number of assets for educational materials, while administrative departments need to manage documents related to operations and compliance.

  • What makes Stockpress a good option for them?

    Stockpress is an excellent choice for educational organizations because it is designed to simplify the management of diverse digital assets across various departments. Our Digital Asset Management Software offers robust features such as visual search and filters, which make finding the right files quick and easy. With Stockpress, teams can upload files of any type or size and organize them using customizable metadata and tags. This ensures all assets are easily accessible and reusable, reducing production costs and duplicative work. Stockpress excels in secure file sharing, allowing teams to distribute assets through private and view-only links with custom collaboration settings. This is particularly beneficial for marketing and communications teams who need to share content with internal teams and external partners seamlessly. The ability to track asset usage and downloads helps teams ensure their files are being used appropriately and effectively.

  • What feedback do you get from teams about the difference Stockpress makes?

    Feedback from our educational partners has been overwhelmingly positive. Teams consistently highlight the user-friendly nature of Stockpress and its significant impact on productivity and collaboration. They appreciate the streamlined process of organizing and accessing their digital assets, which allows them to focus more on creative and strategic tasks rather than administrative ones.

    Users also commend the platform’s ability to reduce production costs by making it easy to archive and reuse existing assets. The secure file-sharing and collaboration features have been game-changers, especially for marketing and communications teams who often work with external partners. Overall, teams report that Stockpress has transformed how they manage digital content, leading to more efficient operations and a stronger ability to promote their institutions effectively.