Digital asset management software built for PR, events, & media

File storage and distribution built for the fast-paced world of PR, events, and media.

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Digital asset management software built for PR, events, & media

Stockpress vs traditional PR media asset management

News and events move fast. PR and media teams need to deliver assets at lightning speed in high-pressure environments. Stockpress helps your media team organize, store, and find digital files more easily so they can stay on the beat.

Smarter file management for PR, media, and events teams

Stockpress helps your media team organize, store, and find digital files more easily so you can stay ahead of the game.

Visual search and filtering

Visual search and filtering

Tired of scrolling through endless lists of files? Stockpress offers precise visual search and filtering so you can find the media asset you need when you need it.

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No limits on file type or size

No limits on file type or size

Whether it’s images, videos, documents, or graphics, Stockpress stores, tags, and organizes your files for faster retrieval and distribution. Never compromise on the quality or quantity of high-resolution files again. Upload, download, store, and manage digital media assets of any size.

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Security and file access

Protect your sensitive media assets with industry-leading security features. Control who has access to what so you can rest easy knowing your assets are safe and secure. Add unlimited combinations of settings to share links to manage visibility, expiration dates, password protection, and more!

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Share with internal and external teams, effortlessly

Share with internal and external teams, effortlessly

Share brand guidelines and logos, approved photography, press releases, line lists, and more from one easy-to-use branded portal. With unlimited users in every Stockpress workspace, you can track views and downloads and run reports on the most active users, most popular files, and more!

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Stockpress does it differently

Don’t let outdated and inefficient media asset management systems prevent your team from doing their best work. Stockpress makes it easier to organize your files, collaborate with colleagues, and keep everything in a centralized repository.

Unlimited users

Stockpress comes with unlimited users, so you can invite all your clients and partners into your workspace without having to pay more.

Track usage

Track views, shares, and downloads so you know who has received and is using your media assets.

Request to download

Find out where your files will be used by requesting usage information before downloading.

Unlimited teams

Organize your users in teams so you can grant access to large numbers of people at the click of a button.

Metadata mapping

Those utilizing Photo Mechanic or Lightroom for file captioning can map their metadata directly into Stockpress on upload.

AI and custom tags

Our AI tagging tool identifies and generates tags automatically.

Visual search and filter

Visually search and filter to make it easier for users to find the marketing assets they are looking for.

File archive

Archive out-of-date files to keep current files front and center. Keep your digital library visible only to admins or those with permission to view it, maintaining complete control.

Switching to Stockpress is easy

Switching to Stockpress from traditional enterprise file management software such as Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive? Connect, import, and organize individual files and folders, or your entire account – all into Stockpress in minutes.

Dropbox, Box, Google Drive integrationDropbox, Box, Google Drive integration

Get started for FREE with unlimited users and 5 GB of storage, and transform the way your team organizes, uses, shares and collaborates on files.

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Here's why Stockpress is your best choice for Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Scalable and customizable

Whether you’re a small PR agency or a large media conglomerate, Stockpress can scale to meet your growing needs. Tailor Stockpress to your organization’s specific requirements. Create metadata fields, tags, and categories to suit your workflow.

100% online (no need to download software)

Our cloud-based platform lets you access your media assets anytime, anywhere. There is no need to worry about on-premises servers or complex installations.

Future-proof your media assets

As technology evolves, so does Stockpress. We continuously update and improve our software to keep you ahead of the ever-changing media landscape.

User-friendly and cost effective

Stockpress has an intuitive, user-friendly interface that requires minimal training, ensuring a smooth transition for your team. With competitive pricing plans that cater to organizations of all sizes and budgets – plus unlimited users – you never have to worry about additional fees.

Unmatched support

Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you. We offer comprehensive training (although we don’t think you’ll need it) and ongoing assistance to ensure you get the most out of Stockpress.

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Got questions about managing digital assets for PR, events, and media teams?

  • What are the most common challenges with Digital Asset Management for PR and Events?

    One of the PR and events teams’ most common challenges is managing the high volume of digital assets, including photos, videos, press releases, and promotional materials, in a platform where they are easy-to-find and distribute. These teams often struggle with finding a centralized system that efficiently handles different file types and sizes. Another significant challenge is ensuring quick and easy access to the most current versions of these files, especially under tight deadlines. Managing permissions and sharing files securely with external stakeholders can be daunting, especially given how many stakeholders there can be!

  • Which areas tend to have the most assets to manage and distribute?

    In the PR and Events industry, the areas with the most assets to manage and distribute are typically the media relations, marketing, and event planning departments. Media relations teams generate press releases and organize images and video content. Marketing departments handle a wide range of promotional materials and multimedia content. Event planning teams manage event footage, promotional graphics, schedules, and logistical documents. Each of these areas requires a simple but effective way to manage, upload files, and facilitate seamless file sharing.

  • What makes Stockpress a good solution?

    Stockpress is an ideal solution for PR and events teams because it offers comprehensive digital asset management software features that are both powerful and affordable. Our platform supports a wide variety of file types and sizes, making it easy to manage everything from high-resolution images and videos to documents and presentations. Features such as file version control, unlimited users, AI-driven tagging, and custom metadata ensure efficient file retrieval and organization. Unlike traditional DAM systems with a hefty price tag, Stockpress provides this level of flexibility and functionality at a fraction of the cost. By centralizing all digital assets in one platform, Stockpress enhances collaboration, improves productivity, and ensures that all team members and external partners have access to the most up-to-date files.

  • What feedback do you get from teams about the difference Stockpress makes?

    PR and events teams consistently share how much they appreciate the ease with which they can upload files, the intuitive interface, and the powerful search and tagging features. By permissioning unlimited users into the platform at no extra cost, these teams have empowered people to find assets for themselves, which has increased their usage while reducing the number of requests for files, which can often be distracting, especially at a busy launch or event.