Digital Asset Management for graphic designers and creative teams

With Stockpress, a simplified digital asset management software, you can spend less time looking for your digital files and more time using them.

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Digital Asset Management for graphic designers and creative teams

Simplify your digital asset management and file sharing

Stockpress empowers graphic design and creative teams to focus their efforts on creativity and innovation while ​​increasing the use of the digital content they produce.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) for graphic design and creative teams

Design teams

Stockpress is essential for efficient design teams, offering a centralized platform for collaboration and organization. With Stockpress, design teams can easily store, access, and share files from any device or location, enabling remote work and flexible content collaboration. Features like file version control and file status ensure that team members are always working with the most up-to-date materials.

Stockpress collaboration tools facilitate smooth communication and feedback exchange among team members, fostering a creative environment for content collaboration. By simplifying file management processes and promoting effective collaboration, Stockpress empowers design teams to focus their efforts on creativity and innovation, while ​​increasing the use of the digital content they produce

File management solutions for designers and creatives

Creative teams

Creative teams leverage their expertise to solve complex problems, communicate messages, evoke emotions, and inspire action through their creations. Responsible for brainstorming, prototyping, iterating, and refining ideas, creatives generate a large amount of digital assets of all types. To be effective, it’s crucial that they have an efficient way to store and organize digital assets.

With Stockpress, creative teams can access their projects from any device, whether in the office or on the go. Features like file versioning, file commenting, and automatic identification of duplicate files.

Collaboration tools in Stockpress facilitate smooth communication and feedback exchange among team members, fostering a dynamic and creative environment where ideas can flow freely. By simplifying digital asset management processes, Stockpress empowers creative teams to focus on bringing innovative ideas to life and empowers people in their organization to use more of the creative assets they produce.

Creative teams

Everything graphic design and creative teams need

Why isn’t your traditional file management platform cutting it?

Searching for files by file name alone is challenging

Searching for files by file name alone is challenging

Find what you need when you need it with advanced visual search features such as custom tagging, AI tagging, and dynamic filtering.

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Keeping track of the most recent file versions is difficult

Keeping track of the most recent file versions is difficult

Always see which version of a file is the most recent with built-in file versioning functions and ensure your team is always has access to the most up-to-date materials.

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Distributing files and folders to teams is time-consuming

Distributing files and folders to teams is time-consuming

Unlimited user roles and customizable permissions help you control what your users can see and do in your workspace. Easily share new content with entire teams at once with unlimited options such as static and updatable links, password protection, expiration dates, watermarks, and more!

Track engagement, views, content usage and more with workspace analytics and custom reports.

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Modernize your approach to managing digital assets

Prevent duplicate work, and manage your media files without the high price tag of traditional DAM solutions.

File tagging

Apply custom tags or utilize our AI-generated tags to help team members gain instant access to the design files they’re looking for with our visual search and dynamic filters.

File versioning

Keep all versions of your design files together with our ‘file versioning’ tool for better version control. Access, track and restore previous versions as needed.

Image editing

Crop, resize, rotate, or flip images to standard social media sizes, custom dimensions, saved presets, and more.

File commenting & annotations

Collaborate with your team on files right where you store them with comments, annotations, and more.

Folders, only better

Store any new file across multiple Collections of design assets to manage user access and permissions without file duplication.

File statuses

Make managing your design project workflow easier with customizable file statuses to track a project file from creation to sign-off.

Unlimited download sizes

Create custom download sizes so users can choose what size they need for different projects.

Unlimited user licenses

Keep all your team members and external partners in one shared location with unlimited user licenses.

Switching to Stockpress is easy

Switching to Stockpress from traditional enterprise file management software such as Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive? Connect, import, and organize individual files and folders, or your entire account – all into Stockpress in minutes.

Dropbox, Box, Google Drive integrationDropbox, Box, Google Drive integration

Get started for FREE with unlimited users and 3 GB of storage, and transform the way your team organizes, uses, shares and collaborates on files.

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Learn more about Stockpress for Design and Creative teams

Cross-functional clarity for creative teams: An essential guide

With teams more distributed than ever, and businesses operating a more agile workforce, effective collaboration is the key to success. Creative teams, in particular, thrive on the synergy of different talents and functions working together to achieve their goals.

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DAM stories: A day in the life of a graphic designer and a creative team

  • Ugh, DAM! (Life BEFORE Stockpress)

    Only someone in a graphic design or creative team would know the number of different file types we have to work with and master in one day. In addition to standard design files like AI and PSD, we must work with and manage JPG, PNG, PDF, TIF, MOV, and whatever other design file springs to mind.

    Managing and finding all these different file types is hard enough, especially when you are using a combination of platforms like Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive or a DAM that not everyone knows how to use. But when you add in the number of different internal and external teams we have to work with, the problem only gets worse!

    With more and more design assets being required constantly and more and more people requesting them, it became overwhelming to work without a Digital Asset Management platform.

  • It’s about DAM time! (Finding Stockpress)

    We set out to find a DAM that was easy to use, quick to implement, and budget-friendly. We needed these three things because we didn’t want our team to be distracted by setting something up instead of using it.

    With the right Digital Asset Management software in place, we knew our design and creative teams (as well as the wider business) would be able to find what they were looking for without having to ask anyone, “which folder is that file in?”

    Stockpess gave us a feature set that we could understand, represented a huge step forward from Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive, and did so at a cost-effective price point compared to Digital Asset Management alternatives such as Brandfolder, Bynder, and Canto. Plus, we managed to set up Stockpress for our team in days!

  • Hot DAM! (How Stockpress has helped)

    Using Stockpress, we have been able to say goodbye to the chaos of scattered design files and creative assets and hello to the simplicity and organization of Stockpress. Our graphic design and creative teams are now able to organize, store, and retrieve files of all types, from images and videos to AI files and PDF presentations, in one easy-to-use DAM.

    By being able to find files quicker (and without having to ask anyone where they are) we have saved huge amounts of time, empowered our team members to be more self-sufficient and work with the most up-to-date files – all before being able to easily make them available to the wider organization.

    Stockpress helped our team get on the same page quickly and unlock success from day one. With unlimited free users, the ability to add users to teams and permission based access to files, our team and complex network of external partners are able to get their work done collaboratively and share it securely.