Company: Arcbound
Industry: Marketing agency
Company Size: Small agency <50 employees
Location: National, U.S.

Who they are:

Arcbound helps their clients launch books, build communities, and grow their personal brands. Their clients have been represented in Inc., Forbes, Harvard Business Review, TechCrunch, Morning Brew, Wired Magazine, and more.

The challenge:

As a successful marketing agency, Arcbound found it increasingly difficult to manage and share files with their growing team and roster of clients. With more clients on their books and more assets being created than ever, inbound file requests from clients had become a time-consuming and inefficient part of the business.

The Stockpress solution:

Having demoed a number of enterprise Digital Asset and Brand Management platforms, Arcbound chose Stockpress for its unlimited user model, flexible permissions, and unlimited teams. Organizing their clients into Teams ensured that each client can only see and use the files that are relevant to them.


By centralizing all of their clients and files into one workspace, Arcbound was able to increase their operational efficiency and speed up client onboarding. Stockpress has reduced the number of client requests and increased internal organization by making sure files can be accessed whenever and wherever they are needed.

“I finally have a centralized place to store digital assets and share them with clients. Other options either weren’t as manageable, didn’t have as many options, or simply didn’t look as good.”

– Aaron Mosby, Lead Graphic Designer – Arcbound