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Why Stockpress over Dropbox?

Struggling to find files in confusing folder structures? Constantly running out of user licenses? Duplicate files causing confusion?

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Never run out of user licenses again!

Treat your team to a more streamlined and collaborative way to manage files and transform the way they discover, organize and share files.

What's different:

  • Unlimited custom user roles and teams
  • File imports from Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive
  • The ability to identify and combine duplicate files
  • Visual search and filter
  • Flexible metadata mapping, custom tagging, and AI tagging
  • File versioning
  • Advanced reporting on file usage and more

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A lean and flexible file management solution.

You'll get a whole lot more with Stockpress!

Unlimited usersDropbox
AI auto-taggingDropbox
Branded platformDropbox
Custom user roles & capabilitiesDropbox
Custom user teams & capabilitiesDropbox
Visual file searchDropbox
Dynamic file filtersDropbox
CostGet Started for FREE (unlimited users) Dropbox10 users = $250 p/mo (approx.)

Reduce your storage costs by removing duplicates.

With Dropbox, you need to duplicate files if you want them to live in multiple folders. This increases your storage and can leave you with many copies of the same file and confusion over which file is the right one.

Identify duplicate files

Let's clean it up!

  • Stockpress automatically scans your workspace for duplicate and similar files every time you complete an upload or import from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or One Drive.
  • You decide which duplicates you want to delete, merge, or archive.
  • Easily identify similar files and delete or archive them.

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Easily manage your files, your way.

Finding files and cloud projects shouldn’t be a fire drill! If your team is lacking organization with files and cloud projects, Stockpress can help!

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