Stockpress as an alternative to Dropbox

  • Struggling to find your files in endless folders within folders?

  • Duplicate files causing you confusion?

  • Constantly running out of user licenses for your team?

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Find the files you need, when you need them.

Treat your team to a better way to manage and share their files and help them break free from user licenses, and unlock unlimited collaboration.

What's different:

  • Add unlimited users, into unlimited teams, with unlimited custom roles
  • Supercharge your search with custom and AI tags
  • Visually search and filter to find files easily
  • Share files securely with anyone, anywhere
  • Get insights on the files your teams use and what they’re looking for!

A lean and flexible file management solution.

You'll get a whole lot more with Stockpress!

Feature Dropbox
Unlimited users "Dropbox
AI auto-tagging "Dropbox
Branded platform "Dropbox
Custom user roles & capabilities "Dropbox
Custom user teams & capabilities "Dropbox
Visual file search "Dropbox
Dynamic file filters "Dropbox
CostGet Started for FREE (unlimited users) "Dropbox 10 users = $250 p/mo (approx.)

Reduce your storage costs and increase your efficiency by identifying duplicate files.

With traditional file management platforms like Dropbox, files need to be duplicated to live in more than one folder. This leaves you with two (or more!) versions of the same file, confusion over which one is the right one, and an increase in your storage.

  • We automatically scan the files in your workspace to detect duplicate and similar files every time you complete an upload or import from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or One Drive.
  • You decide which duplicate files you want to merge, delete or archive, and who has the power to do this.
  • You can also easily identify similar files and archive or delete them.

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