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PR, Events, & Media Teams

Collaborate with partners and distribute assets to press, marketing, and digital teams quickly and easily with streamlined and efficient tools - all in one digital asset management platform.

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PR, Events, & Media Teams

Digital asset management (DAM) for PR, events, and media

Events and PR are more important functions of a business than ever before, as consumers demand deeper engagement from brands to earn their trust. In a PR and events setting a cloud-based digital asset management solution can help you deliver content more easily to internal staff and external partners. All while tracking digital content use, maintaining version control, preserving event assets, and providing team members, stakeholders, and customers with a better post-event experience.

PR and events often require a lot of assets to ensure brand consistency. However, without a media file management software solution somewhere to capture, organize and distribute these assets, they can often get lost or never discovered at all.

In a recent survey from Bizzabo, 95% of respondents shared that PR and events can have a major impact on achieving their business goals. But it is safe to say that these functions can be a major undertaking – often in a high-pressure environment.

Problems with traditional file management platforms.

File access

Making sure that internal and external stakeholders have access to the creative files they need can be difficult and costly with per-user license models.


Organizing and distributing digital files to different teams can be difficult and often requires creating multiple folders with duplicate files.

Finding files

Finding digital files can be difficult when relying on original file names alone.


File size and type limits can mean having to use multiple platforms during fast-paced events. Stockpress has NO file limits!

Current files

It can be hard to separate out-of-date files from current files without version control.

The number of digital assets in PR and event teams

High-quality assets sell in PR and draw attention at events. Organizing and distributing these assets through digital asset management software is essential if you are going to win the audience that you want to see and engage with them. PR and Events activities not only require vast amounts of digital assets, but they generate lots of them too. Organizing these assets in a cloud-based media asset management solution is essential.

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Stockpress does it differently

When running events the last thing you want is to spend all of your time finding the files you or your clients need. Store them in a cloud-based media asset management solution so you can find and use them wherever you are in the world.

Unlimited users

Stockpress comes with unlimited users, so you can invite all your clients and partners into your workspace without having to pay more.

File usage

Track views, shares, and downloads so you know who has received and is using your files.

Request to download

Find out where your files will be used by requesting usage information before download.

Unlimited Teams

Organize your users in teams so you can grant access to large numbers of people at the click of a button.

Metadata mapping

Those utilizing Photo Mechanic for file captioning can map their metadata directly into Stockpress on upload.

AI Tagging

Our AI tagging tool identifies and generates tags automatically.

Visual Search

Visually search and filters to make it easier for users to find the marketing assets they are looking for.

File Archive

Archive out-of-date files to keep current files front and center. Maintain complete control by keeping your digital library visible only to admins or those with permission to view it.

All File Types

Upload any file type and any file size in a centralized location. We don’t like to limit the way you work.

So, if you've been asking yourself...

So, if you've been asking yourself...

  • Is there a single platform that doesn’t charge per user?
  • Can I see the history of file shares and downloads within Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or OneDrive?
  • What are the alternatives to Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or OneDrive for managing files at Events?
  • Can I manage requests for files in Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or OneDrive?
  • Can I map metadata into Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or OneDrive?
  • Is there a better way to organize files than in folders?

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Types of digital assets used by PR and event teams

From booth design, promotional materials, and keynote presentations, to print materials and guest lists, PR and events require a large number of assets. When you are being pulled in a few different directions a content management solution can help you upload and organize digital assets in real time while making them easily accessible in a central location for future use.

Capturing digital photo assets and video files at events and being able to save them right into a DAM solution can save a lot of time, not only for you but for the digital channels they are distributed to. Being able to get PR and event assets into the hands of creative, marketing, sales, and communications teams quickly can make the difference between your PR campaign or event being on the front page, or yesterday’s news!