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Surprised by the cost of Bynder? Looking for an affordable, easy-to-use DAM?

Creating photos, videos, graphics and copy has never been easier, and accordingly, we have never needed to manage more of them, and managing them can feel expensive!

We don’t mind if you call them content, media, assets, or files because Stockpress gives all of them a great home without breaking the bank!

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The best, and smallest compromise you’ll ever make!

CostFrom $59 per month "Bynder From $1,000s per month
Unlimited free users "Bynder
Expirations on files & Collections "Bynder
Custom user roles & capabilities "Bynder
Custom user teams & capabilities "Bynder
Bulk uploading "Bynder
Custom & auto-tagging "Bynder

Less searching, more finding

With Stockpress

For teams large and small. 

Stockpress, as an alternative to Bynder, offers unlimited FREE user licenses, unlimited teams with every package, and pricing that scales as you grow. Whether you have a team of 3 or 13,000+ Stockpress gives you and your external partners such as agencies and freelancers a centralized workspace to securely find, use and distribute the files you need to do your work.

Quick to implement. Easy to use.

With Stockpress alternative you can unlock success from day one. Contrary to Bynder, Stockpress is deliberately quick to implement and easy to use, so you can start using it for your next event, project or campaign in minutes, not weeks, months, or years!

Built for teams to work collaboratively and securely.  

When managing complex relationships with multiple external agencies and freelancers you need everyone to be on the same page. With Stockpress you can easily connect complex networks of staff and external partners with the digital assets, creative content, and design files they need to get the job done. With Bynder, this can take a long time and cost $$$$$.

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Talk to us about our content supply chain so we can suggest the best possible setup, or map it out yourself and get going on your own.


Set your entire team up in minutes, not months so you can start finding your files quicker, sharing and tracking your files easier, and collaborating with your team like never before.

Our clients love us!

Stockpress has made file management actually happen for my team!
Stockpress has made it easy and streamlined for my team to upload, organize and manage files! Now everyone on the team can access files and put them to work.

Different from other DAMs
The price and the unlimited-user model allow it to be different from other DAMs out there. It is easy to use and is consistently upgraded with new features that improve the quality of life.

This is the best file management software I have ever used!
I have to tell you it’s so nice getting a file or video and it opens right up in Stockpress. I don’t have to deal with Drobox or box and try to figure out which email I used before and who they sent it to and try to find the file in the mess.

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