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Increase your team's organization and productivity.

Intuitive file management for growing teams to access any files, anywhere, any time they need them.

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Increase your team's organization and productivity.

Sales & marketing teams

Ensure your sales and marketing teams have the files they need to sell successfully.

Organize Sales & Marketing

Design & creative teams

Manage and share the latest versions of creative assets throughout the creative process.

Organize Creative Assets

E-commerce & retail teams

Manage and share product photos, product specifications and product descriptions.

Manage Retail & E-commerce

PR & media teams

Collaborate with partners and distribute files quickly and easily with pre-defined teams.

Organize PR & Media

Product & Manufacturing teams

Manage and share the files for your projects with internal teams and external stakeholders.

Manage Product Files

After diligently looking for several months for a program that suits our needs in a way that a basic folder system never could, we landed on Stockpress. It has made a huge difference in the way we handle marketing and sales collateral and share it with the rest of our company.

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