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Design & Creative Teams

Take control of your digital assets. Spend less time looking for your files and more time using them with file tagging, versioning, commenting, and more!

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Design & Creative Teams

Problems with traditional file management platforms.

Platforms with ‘per user’ license fees can get expensive quickly and often lead to fragmented teams.

  • Finding files can be difficult when they’re buried in a traditional folder structure.
  • Keeping track of the most current creative files can be difficult when you have multiple versions of the same thing.
  • Duplicating files in order to add them to a team member’s folder is cumbersome, time-consuming, and can lead to confusion over which file is the ‘right’ file.
  • File type and size limits can create issues for creative teams.
  • Adding additional users can also add additional costs with traditional ‘per user’ license models.

Stockpress does it differently

File tagging

Apply custom tags or utilize our AI-generated tags to help team members find what they’re looking for quickly with our visual search and dynamic filters.

File versioning

Keep all versions of your creative files together with our ‘file versioning’ tool. Access, track and restore previous versions as needed.

Image Collections

Store any file across multiple collections to manage user access and permissions without file duplication.

File statuses

Make managing your workflow easier with customizable file statuses to track a file from creation to sign-off.

Multiple download sizes

Create custom download sizes so users can choose what size they need.

Unlimited user licenses

Keep all your team members and external partners in one place with unlimited user licenses.

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So, if you've been asking yourself...

So, if you've been asking yourself...

  • Why do I keep getting asked for the same files over and over again?
  • How do I help freelancers integrate with my team seamlessly?
  • What are the alternatives to Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and OneDrive for sharing files with external users and clients?
  • Why can I never find what I am looking for in our current file management platform?
  • How can I share files with people for approval without downloading them?

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