What better time to get organized then when you start-up!

Especially with 75% OFF Stockpress in your first year!

Simple, searchable, and secure file management.

We know how important it is to save money while still having the right tools to grow your business. We offer qualifying start-ups a discount of up to 75% for the first year.

Get organized

Organize, manage, collaborate and share your files from day one with teams of users inside and outside your organization.

Manage and share

Upload, manage and share any file type from photos to videos, documents to spreadsheets, cloud projects, and more.

Safe and secure

Keep your files secure with private share links, expiration dates, custom collaboration settings, and download upon request.

File versioning

Keep all versions of your creative files together. Access, track and restore previous versions as needed.

Search and filter

Easily find assets by date, filename, keywords, tags, and more.

Usage reporting

Track file usage with advanced reporting including most searched terms, most downloaded files, and more…

Digital asset management (DAM) for start-ups

The pace at which start-ups develop digital assets is unparalleled. The type of content a business creates can make the difference between being just another brand and standing out in a crowd. Your brand may be still forming, and teams and partners are often coming and going in your ecosystem of staff, partners, freelancers, advisors, and investors. For this reason, it is the best possible time to get your files organized with the best cloud storage for small teams.

Running a startup often means running lean, and while there is a cost involved with a file management platform, Stockpress offers a discount for start-ups.

Using a platform that makes it easier to find and use files can cut your costs of recreating them in the future. If you are running lean it is the best time to find a digital asset management solution for start-ups that can grow with your business. Choosing a platform that allows you to add teammates and external partners without having to buy more user licenses, can be an incredibly smart move.

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For start-up teams

Growing a start-up relies on fast-paced iterations - often with external partners and freelancers who work on a project or part-time basis. Stockpress gives you one platform to manage your files with unlimited users and no additional costs.

A file management solution can often be overlooked in a start-up to save money – but from experience, we offer a discount for start-ups so you can benefit from getting organized more quickly.


  • Add keywords and tags to your files so you can easily find them later
  • Manage, use and share files of all types with no limit on file size or format.
  • Get your entire team into one place with unlimited custom roles and teams
  • Get your files to those who need them quickly and securely with private links and custom collaboration settings.
  • Integrate seamlessly with SSO support
  • Protect your assets with optional 2FA

Types of digital assets used by start-ups

When you are running a start-up you are often the CEO or Chief Everything Officer which means you’ll be working on the product, the sales, and marketing collateral, and depending on the type of business, so many other assets and files. Having the right digital asset management solution for startups that can accommodate all file types and sizes means you can use ONE file management solution to get the job done.

If you are in the middle of building a startup, you already know what it’s like to be drowning in documents, design files, photos, videos, and pitch decks. Starting a business is exciting! It is a time when you need to work quickly and there will never be enough time in the day to get everything done. Implementing the best cloud storage for small teams is a great way to reduce this pressure on your time.

Get your files and cloud projects organized with a platform that scales with you!

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