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Any file type of any size including TIF, jpg, raw, pdf, mp4, MOV, and more.

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IPTC and EXIF metadata – with special character support – or utilize custom metadata and AI tagging.

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Unlimited internal and external users with custom roles in all workspace tiers – for free.

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Keep your files secure with private share links, expiration dates, custom collaboration settings, and download upon request.

Usage reporting

Track file usage with advanced reporting including most searched terms, most downloaded files, and more.

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By date, filename, keywords, tags, and more.

Digital asset management (DAM) for sports teams and events

Sport has never been more reliant on media coverage for its commercial success. Getting your team or event in front of fans and the press has never been more important for building your brand and driving retail and ticket sales. Having a sports asset management solution at the heart of your operation is key to maximizing your efforts.

But media coverage isn’t the only reason sports teams and events need to carefully manage their assets with a sports media management solution.

Marketing teams need to access assets quickly to update websites, produce blogs, or distribute assets to social media teams. A creative team might need to create collateral for the next game or event and the e-commerce team needs to manage the latest product and promotional photography for the club or event store.

Whatever your role in sports, digital assets run deep and a cloud-based file management solution can help keep your files and teams in sync.

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For events and wire services

During fast-paced events, making images available to internal and external partners and media outlets in real time is essential.

High-quality sports content wins over the media and fans alike, so organizing it, distributing it, and storing it in a sports asset management solution becomes invaluable.


  • Upload images with IPTC and EXIF metadata or custom keywords and tags.
  • Organize images by sport, event, date, and more for an easy-to-navigate and easily discoverable experience.
  • Allow internal or external partners and media to create Collections for image selection and collaboration – without duplicating your files.
  • Distribute assets quickly and securely with private links and custom collaboration settings.
  • Approve media outlets for access to files and images
  • Optionally request usage information before download approval.

When you need to tell a story, Stockpress file management software for sports media and marketing makes it easy to find, use, and share files of all types quickly and easily.

For sports teams

Whether you manage large numbers of high-resolution images or you need to find those images to produce creative content, Stockpress was built for you.

Sports teams often find themselves at the center of asset requests and being able to quickly find what is needed using tags and metadata is an additional benefit of sports asset management solutions so you can spend less time looking for assets and more time using them.


  • Upload images with IPTC and EXIF metadata or custom keywords and tags.
  • Organize images, video clips, vector files, cloud project links, and more with no limits on file type or size.
  • Create unlimited teams to organize and control the visibility of your files so they are seen by only those who need them.
  • Distribute images to teams quickly and securely with private links and custom collaboration settings.

Types of digital assets used by sports and event teams

People think of digital assets in sports as action photography and video, but across departments and functions of sports teams and events, it means so much more. It can include graphics, press releases, posters, product SKUs, rosters and so much more. All these file types need to be accessed internally by employees, or externally by freelancers and partners who all rely on getting the assets they need to play their part.

Without a DAM solution, getting content from the game or event across all required channels can be tricky – especially with assets now being created outside of game days, such as training footage and articles. Being able to add unlimited users with various permissions who can contribute files directly to your DAM solution, can help streamline workflows.

Stockpress adapts to the requirements of agile teams.

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