File management software Design & Creative teams LOVE

Spend less time looking for your assets and more time using them with a file management system that has file tagging, versioning, commenting, and more!

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File management software Design & Creative teams LOVE

File management and file sharing for creative teams and designers

In a digital-first world, where everyone is fighting for the eyeballs of their customers, creative teams are often the key differentiator in whether or not a business is left behind. But with this responsibility comes the pressure of delivering fresh and exciting digital assets, in multiple formats. Using a digital asset management solution can help distributed teams stay on top.

DAM solutions have become an essential part of any creative team’s operational tool kit.

If you aren’t already using a file management and file sharing solution you are at risk of being one of the 83% of businesses that unnecessarily recreate digital assets purely because they can’t find them in their file storage solution. Using a digital asset management solution for graphic designers is the best way to connect your creative assets to the people who need them, quickly and easily and reduce endless requests for the same creative assets.

Problems with traditional file management platforms


Keeping track of the most current design files can be difficult when you have multiple versions of the same thing.


Finding design files can be difficult when they’re buried in a traditional project folder structure.

User license fees

Adding additional users can also add additional costs with traditional ‘per user’ license models.

Duplicate files

Duplicating files in order to add them to a team member’s folder is cumbersome, time-consuming, and can lead to confusion over which design file is the right file.

File limits

File type and size limits can create issues for design projects and the design process.

The number of digital assets in design & creative teams

The number of digital assets that creative teams and designers are expected to produce on a daily basis has gone through the roof. With more creative resources being outsourced, managing these assets can be difficult for many creative operations professionals. Because there are more channels than ever before, the demand has increased for the same creative assets in multiple formats. Making sure the correct asset is available to the right person, and in the right format without a digital asset management solution for designers can be impossible.

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Stockpress does it differently

Great file managhement software offers creative teams many opportunities to streamline their efforts. From reducing the time creative teams spend looking for assets and increasing distribution efficiency, to engaging remote teams and external partners and preserving digital assets to rediscover and reuse for the future – a file storage solution can make the creative team the heart of an organization while easing their day to day workflow.

File tagging

Apply custom tags or utilize our AI-generated tags to help team members gain instant access to the design files they’re looking for with our visual search and dynamic filters.

File versioning

Keep all versions of your design files together with our ‘file versioning’ tool for better version control. Access, track and restore previous versions as needed.

Image Collections

Store any new file across multiple collections of design assets to manage user access and permissions without file duplication.

File statuses

Make managing your design project workflow easier with customizable file statuses to track a project file from creation to sign-off.

Multiple download sizes

Create custom download sizes so users can choose what size they need for different projects.

Unlimited user licenses

Keep all your team members and external partners in one shared location with unlimited user licenses.

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Types of digital assets used by creative and design teams

You name the file type, and a creative or design team is likely to touch it. A busy creative team can be involved in web design, product design, the creation of sales and marketing collateral, packaging design, and more. This means that along with standard design files like AI and PSD files, they will also need to manage JPG, PNG, PDF, TIF, MOV, and whatever other design file springs to mind.

Without a central place to manage all of these file types, a creative team can soon become overwhelmed by digital asset requests. With good organization and a user-friendly file management solution for graphic designers – team members should be able to find what they are looking for without having to reach out to its creator. This is why file management for designers is so important!