Company: Alliance Oncology
Industry: Healthcare
Company Size: Mid-market 50-1000 employees
Location: National, U.S.

Who they are:

Alliance Oncology is driven by a vision to be the premier healthcare solutions provider in the communities they serve: one patient, one partner, and one Team Member at a time.

The challenge:

With multiple locations and brands, a corporate marketing team, and more than 25 on-site sales teams, managing their people and digital assets had become a challenge for Alliance Oncology. They were using a combination of traditional file management platforms to do one job and were looking for a better solution.

An additional challenge for Alliance Oncology and the healthcare industry, in general, was privacy. It was essential for Alliance Oncology that certain assets only be available to those with permission to see them.

The Stockpress solution:

Alliance Oncology used Stockpress to establish file and team structures suited to their needs including custom user roles with varying permissions, teams (by location), and a unique file organization structure. Alliance Oncology has also embraced ‘file versioning’ to track the progress of a file and ensure that only the latest version is searchable by their users. This has helped them uphold brand standards across a large number of different brands.


With their new Stockpress platform, Alliance Oncology can effectively manage company assets across all 25 locations with ease. Custom categories and metadata create highly effective visual search and filter functionality so that staff can find and share the right assets, with the right people, at the right time with confidence and consistency.

“After diligently looking for several months for a program that suits our needs in a way that a basic folder system never could, we landed on the one and only Stockpress. Stockpress has made a huge difference in the way we handle sales and marketing collateral and share it with the rest of our company. Thank you for being daring enough to create the one file management platform that truly understands and fits the needs of an agile digital asset manager.”

– Julie Small (Marketing Coordinator)