Stockpress File Management Software: A Customer Perspective

I had just walked into my boss’s office on the first day of my first real job, hired to manage creative projects for 30 unique brands. “Good morning!” she gleamed. “We are excited to have you in our new marketing position.”

“Thank you! I am looking forward to making a difference here.” I replied. “What do I need to get started?”

“To begin, you can look over our completed projects in SharePoint to get an idea of what we produce. Many of them are old, and there may be duplicates. They were uploaded with their original file names, so we don’t really know what all is in there. Downloading requires several clicks on each file, one at a time.”

“Oh, okay. I’m sure I can manage…”

“I’ll email you a zip file of our logos. Brand items are in Allie’s Dropbox. I’ll ask her to give you access. We have two Dropbox accounts – call IT to make sure you have the right credentials.” This was beginning to sound like a lot, but I stayed on task. “How about stock photos and graphics?”

“Our third-party designer uses her own account. Nate set up a Syncplicity folder for stock photos we’ve purchased ourselves. Oh, we also have the shared network drive where the sales team stores some good resources; you’ll need to be connected to the VPN.”
“That’s a lot of programs!” I put on my best positive act.

“Yes, our current situation is not ideal. Fix our files. Pick a program and standardize everything. It must be organized, work for everyone across all teams and all brands, and we have a strict budget.”

What a task! Pick a program? Where do I even begin? I see all the digital asset management (DAM) systems we are using and cannot imagine choosing any of them. Where is the consistency, searchability, organization, and functionality? These are missing from every program I see.

After some research, I begin to think I’m asking too much. Doesn’t anything exist that is easily searchable, eliminates duplicate files, has file previews and file versioning, and allows users to see the files structured how they desire? As I come across Stockpress, I am sure this is going to be another letdown. But I am flat out wrong. Happily so.

I excitedly create a Stockpress account. I am in DAM heaven. We have filters! Metadata! Custom tagging! We have consistent file naming without duplicates, and a simple file versioning feature! We have choices when it comes to file sharing in seconds. We have an organizational file structure that makes sense, using collections and collection groups rather than a clunky folder system. Every user can customize this structure just for them. Our teams, brands, and file types are together, yet separate when needed. The right people finally have fingertip-access to the right files utilizing custom roles, teams, and detailed accessibility controls. Searching for files is a breeze with custom categories. These are just a few of the features that immediately made an impact to my team.

I now feel accomplished and proud. I have transformed our entire file collection from an unintelligible mess into a functional, consistent, navigational library of assets that everyone can use, regardless of their needs and preferences. From our sales execs who want to search by brand to our campaign managers who want to search by topic, everyone can seamlessly find what they need in a snap. My team got all of this and more, and I was able to stay under budget, with unlimited user licenses.

After the transition to Stockpress file management software, a few amazing things happened:

  • Our business was able to streamline processes that utilize digital assets, saving us hours of unnecessary work.
  • We had greater efficiency in getting the right items to the right people.
  • My team completed projects on time with the most up-to-date information without frustration.
  • We gained control of all our digital assets, with full knowledge of their utilization.

Over the years, I have seen Stockpress grow from a start-up to a key player in the DAM market. The program gets better and better with continuous updates, improvements, and new features. A few of these include link cards to keep all external assets in one place, custom pages to keep users informed and focused on what is important, analytics to keep track of how your data is being used within the program, and AI tagging to save time on keyword creation.

I am quick to recommend Stockpress to other businesses and teams for their DAM needs. Whatever space you occupy – marketing, e-commerce, sports, real estate, nonprofit, etc. – Stockpress can help you dominate that space. You will be able to find the files you are looking for at lightning speed. Your files can live in multiple locations without duplication. You can transform your entire file collection into a functional, consistent, navigational library of assets that fits your unique needs.

Stockpress is more than a product. Stockpress is an innovative, collaborative, and supportive group of outstanding professionals whose understanding of clients and their needs is unmatched. Ian and Jess are a customer service powerhouse, who, along with their development team, work magic. From the moment I spoke with them, I knew that my needs would be taken care of in a way that no other platform would be able to offer. They take their clients seriously – any questions, concerns, feedback, technical issues, or feature requests are treated with an intentionality I have never experienced with any other business. The pros at Stockpress understand digital asset management and work tirelessly to make it the only solution any team will ever need.

When you say yes to Stockpress, you say yes to organization, usability, options, and control. You gain the ability to collaborate like never before. Your files will be assets rather than inconvenient required components. Best of all, Stockpress is another team member who will work for you, offering webinars and continued support at any time. Get started today and see the Stockpress difference.