Company: Ritual Motion
Industry: Gaming/Esports E-commerce
Company Size: Small business <50 staff
Location: Global and 100% remote

Who they are:

Ritual Motion aims to support the growing creator economy for gamers. Their innovative social sharing and collaboration platform allows gamers to create, collaborate, and share content with a more deliberate and enhanced audience experience.

The challenge:

As a content-driven media platform for gamers and streamers, Ritual Motion has a communications schedule that often requires daily video creation, 5-10 long format content posts per week, and daily associated social posts across multiple platforms. With a 100% remote working team with staff and freelance creatives all over the world, they needed a way to streamline the management of their creative assets.

The Stockpress solution:

Ritual Motion leveraged Stockpress’ unlimited user model so that every member of Ritual Motion could organize and access their files from anywhere, at any time. With custom Stockpress teams, they were also able to create distributed creative teams so that external partners could upload large files for approval. In turn, web and social managers could download and use approved assets on Ritual Motion’s digital platforms.


Stockpress helped Ritual Motion cut down the number of steps to get video, image, copy and sound files into one place for the content team to use. It also helped Ritual Motion organize the assets for their E-commerce portfolio and manage collateral such as sales decks, and brand assets with external stakeholders such as affiliates, sponsors, and partners.

“We love that Stockpress makes it possible for us to have all of our internal and external users in one place, and that it is really easy to use. The pricing also works well for us because we are growing quickly and work with freelance content creators all over the world. Having unlimited users helps us stay organized and means that we don’t have to incur an increased cost every time we add a new user.”

– Crystal Mills (VP of Content)