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How to be the creative that everybody wants to work with


About this webinar

Stockpress co-founder Ian Parkes and Eliza Kapitan, Vice President of Brands at a leading manufacturer, will explore how to become the creative professional that everyone wants to work with by prioritizing business objectives and setting aside personal ego.

Discover how to advance your career by combining empathy and logic and making yourself the go-to collaborator for both teammates and cross-functional partners. Simultaneously, you’ll cultivate your value as an indispensable asset. Gain valuable insights and strategies to reshape your mindset and actions, creating an environment where you are the solution everyone needs.

Tune into our conversation to discover:

  • How to lead with logic and empathy.
  • The transformative power of four words: “It’s not about you.”
  • The significance of professionalism and the impact of being pleasant and how it can enhance working your relationships.
  • The importance of aligning with business objectives when making creative decisions and how it can elevate you as an invaluable asset.

Join us for this transformative conversation and discover how you can soar to new heights and unlock your full creative career potential.

Meet your speakers

Eliza Kapitan

Eliza is a creative expert and Vice President of Brands at Accutime Watch Corp. With a background in design spanning marketing, publishing, and manufacturing, Eliza is known for her unique blend of left and right brain thinking and leading with empathy and logic. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from Hunter College, a Product Management certificate from General Assembly, and is a certified Master Life Coach from Transformation Academy. Eliza is a two-time nominee on License Global’s Influentials shortlist for the Innovator category and an active member of Women in Retail. Beyond her professional achievements, she enjoys art, travel, fragrance adventures, spin, and exploring the world of Tarot.

Ian Parkes

Ian Parkes has worked on both the client and agency side, and seen firsthand the struggle of finding the rhythm of collaboration. As CRO and co-founder of Stockpress, Ian uses his experience to help pave a more streamlined, efficient way for teams to improve their collaboration. Ian’s excited to take what he’s learned and share insights on how teams can make their interactions more fun and productive. Outside of work, he loves spending time with his dog and surfing (badly!)

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