“Why can I never find the files I am looking for?” seems like an innocuous question, but it’s the one that keeps Clemency Wright of Clemency Wright Consulting (the UK’s leading provider of keywording services and consultancy) – up at night!

In a digital world led by search, Stockpress CRO – Ian Parkes spoke with Clemency about the best ways to structure and keyword information to make it easy to find.

“Search has become engrained in everything we do online, because content and asset managers don’t want the user to have to think. That’s the whole purpose of search, but it doesn’t happen by magic!”  – Clemency Wright (Clemency Wright Consulting)

According to the global furniture retailer IKEA; “We spend almost 5,000 hours of our lives looking for things around the home. The solution? Design a way to organize and store your things so you can get on with other more interesting things!”

In this enlightening interview we asked Clemency a raft of questions, that are summarized here:

Ian: What are the fundamental ways we are organizing things in our digital world?
Clemency: Storage is diverse; we all have different needs, workflows, and users. It’s best to think about the end goal – relevant search results – and adopt technologies that can flex and evolve along with your files

Ian: Where are we exposed to searches?
Clemency: Everywhere! Phones, Smart TVs, Online, even ordering fast food on a self-service kiosk.

Ian: What types of searches are there?
Clemency: I work primarily with text-based search – Keywords. But obviously, we have audio search (Siri), pixel search (search for similar images on Google), and many more being developed. Particularly relevant to the need for digital accessibility.

Ian: What makes it possible for us to search and find things in the first place?
Clemency: You need some type of interface, whether that is a search engine, database, DAM system like Stockpress, or even on the most simple level, a card index. BUT that alone does not make search happen. You need to connect the user with the asset using metadata.

Ian: What is keywording?
Clemency: The process of applying descriptive terms to visual media so that users can find it.

Ian: How does keywording support search?
Clemency: Keywords connect customers with content. A search engine like Google cannot see images but it can ‘read’ Keywords.

Stockpress Community: What makes a good keyword?
Clemency: Relevance, Accuracy, and Consistency.

“If you get the right platform and the right process, then you can actually give your team something really powerful to be able to help them do their job better…”  (Ian Parkes – Co-Founder of Stockpress)

If you are new to the process of search and keywording, we hope you find this enlightening, and for those of you who constantly ask yourselves the question; “why can I never find the files I am looking for?” – you can start using Stockpress for free with unlimited users, custom and ai-tagging, visual search, 5 GB of storage.

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