The ability of businesses to organize files and cloud projects, directly impacts how well they are able to collaborate with freelancers and agencies. However, more often than not freelancers and agencies are excluded from platforms that are essential to projects because of barriers like cost per user and the time it takes to integrate them into the platform. But there is a better way!

Collaborative file management platforms are transforming how businesses get the most out of the freelance/agency relationship. In fact, they are proving to be so transformative that they are enabling businesses of any size to tap into freelancers and agencies to deliver projects wherever they are in the world. All they need is a decent wifi connection!

In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the benefits that collaborative file management and digital asset management platforms can bring to the working relationship between businesses, freelancers, and agencies.

Integrate freelancers and agencies into projects quickly and easily.

The days of sending attachments and managing files and cloud projects across multiple platforms are over. This is music to the ears of those in a freelance and agency working environment.

In a modern remote work setting, DAM and file management tools that allow freelancers and agencies to collaborate on files and cloud project links directly where their clients’ work is a surefire way to improve collaboration and productivity.

Businesses with file management platforms that promote this approach (without charging per user) can invite freelancers and agency staff to join their workspace, assign them roles and permissions that suit their function, give them access ONLY to the files they need, and allow them to share their work with both individuals and teams of recipients, concurrently.

Improve collaboration with freelancers and agencies.

In an ideal world, you want all the people working on a project, and all the files associated with it, in one place. You then need those people and teams to be able to find the files they need quickly – so they can spend less time searching for them and more time using them.

Freelancers and agencies are in the delivery business so the more efficient they can be, the better it is for their workload and the business’ budget! Collaborative file-management software allows freelancers to easily access files and cloud projects so they can work with, and on them in real-time.

If managed properly, collaborative file management platforms should also help freelancers, agencies and their clients make sure they are only working with the most recent versions of their files and cloud documents. File versioning features in file-management software provide a quick and simple way to find the most recent version of a file through search while keeping the previous versions available.

Organizing files across projects.

Files and Link Cards

Delivering remote projects involves organizing and collaborating on multiple file types and cloud platforms – often in real-time. Online file-sharing and collaboration platforms make managing project files easier – especially when files and cloud links can live together in project-based Collections.

By using a platform that allows files and cloud projects to be organized in one place, a freelancer or agency working as part of a team can not only find what they need but can connect to working files and collaborate.

Efficiently manage any file type or size.

Freelancers and agencies who work on large files such as videos, 3d graphics, and schematics, previously faced challenges with sending these large files to clients. Sending large files over email is not a workable option due to file size limitations. In addition, these files can take up an excessive amount of storage space on a user’s computer.

Collaborative file management and digital asset management platforms allow freelancers and agencies to upload, download, and share multiple files at once without being restricted by file type or size. Since file-sharing services are cloud-based, there is no need to take up valuable storage space on your hard drive, plus, they’re accessible to anyone who needs them, anywhere in the world.

Stockpress transforms how teams organize, find and use files with freelancers and agencies.

Great collaborative file management begins with making sure everyone can access the files they need when they need them. This is why Stockpress gives unlimited users to all their workspace teams.

We don’t believe that collaboration should be limited because of budgets for user licenses. By offering unlimited users, Stockpress helps you get everyone in one place regardless of whether they are internal staff or external freelancers or agencies.

The recipe for great collaboration continues with the ability to organize, find and collaborate on, not just files – but online projects too. Nearly every project we work on today is delivered through a combination of traditional file types and working cloud files. Having somewhere to organize those files in one place is imperative for teams who want to excel in their projects.

Most of us benefit from Slack or Teams for communication, and Asana or ClickUp for project management – but giving teams an easy-to-implement, and simple-to-use platform to help them organize files and working cloud documents is often overlooked.

Being unable to find files costs people up to 9.3 hours per week of their time, and when those people are on the clock like freelancers and agencies are – this represents a real measured cost.

With this in mind, picking a platform that;

  • Organizes files and cloud projects with Collections and tags so your team can easily find them – reducing the time freelancers and agencies spend searching for files.
  • Allows you to add unlimited users to unlimited teams and invite them to collaborate on the files – improving the way freelancers and agencies collaborate.
  • Removes the limits that keep your team from being effective by letting them upload, download, and share files of any type and size, with both internal and external users, from anywhere in the world.
  • Organizes files and cloud projects together in one place.

You can give your internal teams and external freelancers and agencies everything the organization and access they need to get the job done.