It’s getting hot outside…so we’re bringing you some cool new features. In addition to Collections in Collections that we launched earlier this month, we’re excited to introduce Link Cards and Related Files! Plus, a new product video and even MORE great features are on the way!


Something new: Link Cards and Related Files

Link Cards: Organize your external links exactly like you organize your files! Add a link to a Google Doc or Sheet, a Figma project, Adobe Cloud design…you name it!

Link CardsWe created Link Cards so you can find your project’s working files just as quickly as your final files – all from your Stockpress workspace. Need to make changes? All of your Link Cards open to their original source so you can keep working.

Find out more about Link Cards here or give it a try in your workspace!

Related Files: We’ve given you a new view from your single files with related files.

SP Related Files
Related files are based on shared tags to help you see additional options at a glance, and switch between them even quicker.

Find out more about related files here.


Coming Soon: Two-factor authentication

Two-factor Authentication
It’s almost here – an (optional) extra layer of security for your Stockpress workspace…


ICYMI: The keywording interview you’ve been searching for

In the last bulletin, we shared an article with you from keywording expert Clemency Wright and Stockpress CRO Ian Parkes. This month, we’re excited to share the full video interview as well!

Stockpress sessions with Ian and Clemency

Clemency has some great tips on how to get the most out of keywording and tagging, so grab yourself a coffee and check it out here.