Company: Superlina
Industry: Ecommerce (FMCG)
Company Size: Small business <50 Employees
Location: U.S.

Who they are:

Superlina is an FMCG brand in the health food category. They focus on direct-to-consumer sales through their website and Amazon and produce a lot of hi-resolution content to help sell and market their products.

The challenge:

With e-commerce, the higher the quality of the product photography, the more likely you are to sell. Because they use a freelance photography team for their shoots, Superlina’s marketing team was struggling with a clunky process involving several file sharing and management platforms.

The Stockpress solution:

Because of Stockpress’ unlimited users model, Superlina was able to invite their freelance photographers into their workspace to upload, tag, and save images – eliminating the need to use multiple platforms and keeping all of their assets centralized.

“Stockpress has been amazing for the Superlina team. Like a lot of of FMCG businesses, getting great product shots in front of consumers is the best way to sell. Not only does it make it easier for our creative team to work together, but we have also been able to utilize Stockpress across the rest of the business to manage our other files. From PDFs for sales decks to Excel sheets for forecasts, Stockpress has really helped us get organized.”

– Chris Daft, COO – Superlina


Superlina has cut the time from photoshoot to promotion in half, leaving more time for selling! With custom keywords and tags, finding the right files has never been easier.