Summer is here! The sun is out so grab a sun lounger, put on your shades, and use Stockpress to work from anywhere!


Something helpful: Keywording

Q. Before Stockpress, why could you never find the files you were looking for?

A. Because you couldn’t add tags and keywords to your files!

But what are tags and keywords and why are they helpful? Check out our latest article with keywording extraordinaire Clemency Wright to see how keywords can keep your team close and your files closer.

Read the article here.


Something fun: Stockpress shorts

From complex folder structures to searching collections…

“If you can’t find your files, you can’t use them.”

Complex folder structures

Watch more Stockpress shorts here.


Something new: Coming soon to your Stockpress workspace!

When we ask for feedback, we really mean it! You wanted to add Collections in Collections, so we thought, why not?

Introducing Collections in Collections
We’ll be rolling out an all-new workspace structure that will allow you to add Collections in Collections and see your entire workspace structure at a glance.

By combining the easy-to-use features of traditional file management with the intelligence of a Digital Asset Management platform, it will be easier than ever to get organized.


That’s all for now, Press-on!