When we ask for feedback, we really mean it! You wanted to be able to add a Collection in a Collection and we thought, “why not!?”

This all-new workspace structure allows you to add Collections in Collections in Collections in Collections, and see your entire workspace structure at a glance.

What can you expect from Collections in Collections?

We’ve removed restrictions on Collections allowing you to create unlimited Collections in Collections in Collections! Structure your Collections and files in the way that works for you, but don’t forget your keywords and tags!

Collections in Collections combines the ease of use of traditional file management platforms with our already-intelligent Digital Asset Management features such as tagging, visual search, filters, access, and more. And we still allow one file to live in multiple places without ever being duplicated!

Collections preview

Collection preview

We’ve added a preview of your entire Collection structure. Expand and collapse your parent Collections so that you can see, at a glance, what you have to work with!

Get ready for faster download speeds.

Faster downloads

No more waiting for downloads to be prepared – your file and Collection downloads will start almost immediately! Collections will be downloaded as a zip file with your entire Collection structure inside!

The access you know and love, only better.

All-new Access ModalAdd new Collections inside your current Collections and easily inherit their access permissions! Simply select Copy access settings from parent Collection or uncheck to change visibility. Make sure your users and teams can access the files they need when they need them – even quicker!

All-new share page design

Collections in Collections share page

We’ve made an update to external share pages to highlight your Collections in Collections structure. There is no limit to the number of levels so share away!