We hope you and your team had a happy, healthy, and productive April!

As May gets underway, we are excited to again share something fun, something helpful, and something new in your Stockpress workspace!!


Something fun: Stockpress shorts

It’s great to have no limits on file type or size – isn’t it, Mary?

Stockpress file size limits
No matter what the file type or size, you can collaborate and share them with anyone, anywhere, anytime!

Watch more Stockpress shorts here.


Something helpful: File versioning

Q. Although I may appear to be the same on the surface, there is something different about me – what am I?

A. I am a new version of a file.

Stockpress file versioning

File versioning helps keep your workspace organized and your working files grouped. Upload new versions of files into old ones so you always know which file is the current one.

When a new version of a file is uploaded, the previous version will be available in the file versions list. You can view or restore previous versions at any time! Find out more about file versioning here.


Something new: Adding new users just got easier!

Unlimited users is now more useful with our quick add button!

Stockpress add a user
To help you get new users into the platform quickly, manage your teams efficiently and create new Collections easily, we added a button to the header menu to help you do just that!


That’s all for now, Press-on!