In the spirit of keeping things short and (hopefully) sweet, we’ll be sharing something fun, something helpful, and something exciting in our Stockpress Bulletin each month. 😎


Something fun: Stockpress shorts

Why is having unlimited users better than per-user licenses? Just ask Gary!

Stockpress cost per seat

Remember, you can add as many users as you need in your Stockpress workspace without any additional monthly fees.

That’s great news for all the “Garys”, right?


Something helpful: Stockpress top tip

I’m fast, automated, accurate, and smart? But what am I?

Stockpress AI Tagging!

Stockpress AI tagging

In case you missed it, you can turn on our new AI Tagging tool by visiting your workspace settings here and toggling AI Tagging on. AI Tagging automatically applies tags to your image files during upload to make them easier to find later. And don’t worry, you can remove AI tags, and add your own, at any time!


Something exciting: Coming soon to your Stockpress workspace

When we ask for feedback, we really mean it!

We have some really exciting workspace updates coming that will make it even easier to get organized. Plus, keep your eyes open for some great integrations with some of your other favorite products.


That’s all for now, Press-on!