Has your company outgrown your local file management system? Or do you simply want to create the right setup from the start? Either way, you can bet that cloud-based file sharing is the way to go.

Moving your files to the cloud improves their accessibility and security while keeping them well-organized. With the right cloud-storage service, the switch is quick, easy, and stress-free setting your team up for success fast.

However, finding the right online file-sharing solution is easier said than done. To streamline the process, you must take the right things into consideration to zero in on the cloud service that will work best. Here’s how.

What is Cloud-Based File Sharing?

A cloud file-sharing platform is an online file storage and management service built for use by many people at the same time. Users can simultaneously store, access, and share files within that system using any network-connected devices.

Ideally, two-factor authentication and single sign-on support should help keep the online files secure and prevent data breaches. Advanced permissions controls should allow you to manage secure access to the files. That way, your sensitive data stays protected and always lands in the right hands.
Not all online file storage solutions are made equal, however. Their features vary considerably, making it worth your time to compare all your options. Dropbox features differ from those offered by Google Drive, for example. And truly collaborative cloud storage platforms, like Stockpress? They are on a different level altogether.

Why Switch To Cloud-Based File Sharing?

Many companies and creative agencies outgrow their local file management system quickly. As you add more and more digital assets to your library, your files are more likely to get duplicated, overlooked, or even completely lost. Tracking down a specific asset in a sea of jumbled files also results in tons of lost time and energy.

Thankfully, it doesn’t need to be that way. Putting your files into a cloud storage solution will definitely help your team if you have been asking yourself these questions:

How can I make it easy for my team to share and access files?

The leading online secure file-sharing platforms improve accessibility by allowing you to add unlimited users to your account. You can bring your entire team (even those external to the business) into one workspace, and providing they have an internet connection, will be able to access the files they need to spend less time looking for files, and more time using them.

Depending on their permissions, individual users will be able to access and use the platform in different ways according to their needs. If they have upload permissions, users will be able to add files and then share them with their team members or other key collaborators, but as a minimum, ALL users should be able to quickly search for, and locate the documents, images, videos, creative files (or any other digital asset for that matter) that they need.

How can cloud file sharing boost my team’s productivity?

Gone are the days of manually delivering files via email or other clunky interfaces. Once you adopt cloud file storage and sharing, all your digital assets easily get shared right in the platform through collaboration.

Beyond that, users can favorite the files they use most and even put them in their own collections for quick retrieval by their entire team. If they want to share extra info about the asset or chat with the team about anything else, file commenting features make it a breeze.

Does cloud file sharing increase security?

User permissions and advanced internet security protocols work together to keep your small and large files secure while in cloud storage. You can set up the system to allow internal and external sharing without worrying about the integrity of your files.

2-factor authentication

As far as system access goes, effective security features, like two-factor authentication and single sign-on, add layers of protection that keep your data secure. Secure file transfer protocols add to the suite of security features to keep your data well-protected always.

Does cloud file sharing save time and money?

Nearly 20% of office workers reveal that searching for files is the biggest problem impacting their on-the-job productivity. So, if you can easily fix that by entrusting your digital assets to an effective cloud file-sharing service while saving time and money – why wouldn’t you?

Ways cloud-based file storage will streamline your work days include:

  • Visual search helps individual and business users find the right digital assets in a minimal amount of time.
  • Keeping files in multiple collections without duplication allows you to control versions and avoid sharing outdated info.
  • Drag-and-drop file uploads to speed up the process of getting all your digital assets to the cloud.
  • AI tagging marks your files with the right search terms, so your team can quickly find the right assets at a moment’s notice.
  • Real-time collaboration helps your team communicate fast without having to use multiple apps.

Due to all these benefits, nearly 60% of companies use cloud storage as their secure file management system of choice. That’s a 25% increase in the past five years—and it’s likely just the beginning of the widespread adoption of cloud file-sharing solutions.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Cloud Storage Platform

Don’t want to get left behind in enjoying all the benefits of a cloud file-sharing service? Then, it’s definitely time to find your ideal platform. Here’s what to keep in mind while doing that.

1. Which Cloud File-Sharing Platforms Offer Unlimited Users?

As you scale your business, it’s important that your cloud storage service allows you to add as many users as you need to the platform. You don’t want to have to buy additional user licenses, after all, as you bring on new team members and collaborate with external partners. So, look for platforms that allow you to add unlimited users across the life of your account.

2. Which Cloud File Sharing Platform is Best For Dynamic Sharing Permissions

Custom permissions are key if you want to keep your files accessible to your team, external partners, and other key stakeholders while controlling what the user is allowed to do. The permissions even allow you to work with freelancers without putting your data at risk. The right platform should let you share assets with a link, decide how users interact with the file and set expiration dates for access.

3. Which Cloud File Sharing Platform is Best For Team Collaboration?

Cloud storage spaces have the potential to boost collaboration if they have the right features onboard. Your users should be able to create public and private collections without the risk of file duplication. Then, the system should allow your team to share and collaborate on files, including doing things like leaving comments, favoriting files, and adding new versions as they are iterated on to move a project forward.

4. Which Cloud File Sharing Platform is Best For File Duplication Prevention

Cloud file storage services can improve version control by allowing digital assets to go into multiple Collections without duplication. Through that process, the files stored in each collection are the exact same version every time. You never have to worry about out-of-date info going out to your partners and clients, ensuring that everyone stays on the same page when representing your company.

Top platforms will even scan your workspace to identify duplicate files and give you the option to merge, archive, or delete them as required.

5. Which Cloud File Sharing Platform is Best For Custom Configuration

With the right cloud-sharing platform, you always stay in control of your digital assets. Your journey should start with the creation of a branded workspace that’s all your own. In addition, you should have the option to create custom pages for all your most important projects, events, and more. Beyond that, you’ll want to select a system with configuration options at the file, search, access control, and collaboration levels.

6. Which Cloud File-Sharing Platform Has The Best Search Functionality

You can’t use your files if you can’t find them! Using a cloud file storage platform with exceptional search functionality WILL give your team their time back, and make their workflow more efficient – but it is important to remember that great search starts with great tagging! A platform that makes tagging easy, especially during upload is essential, while one that offers AI auto-tagging to supplement or drive your tagging of images, may also be beneficial. The best systems will display all the results visually while allowing users to use dynamic file filters to narrow down results even more.

7. Which Cloud File Sharing Platforms Have Advanced Security Features

Data breaches can cost businesses huge amounts of money! So, skipping on security features when choosing an online storage space can be a seriously false economy. Two-factor authentication and single sign-on are a must, as are advanced user permissions. If you find anything less, keep looking for a better solution, or you’ll potentially put your company at risk of major losses.

8. Which Cloud File Sharing Platform Can I Start Using For Free?

You really don’t know how something will work out until you try it for yourself. That’s why it’s important to look for a cloud file storage solution that you can at least try for free! Better yet, search high and low for systems that let you start using the platform for free up to a set storage limit. If you can find that, you can test the system with your team and then simply increase the storage limit to your ideal amount when you are convinced!

With these eight things in mind, you can find a cloud file storage solution that speaks to your needs. As you do that, watch for unlimited storage, usage reports, and online chat support, all of which can make your experience even better.

Why Stockpress for Cloud Storage and File Sharing?

Ready to go beyond Google Drive and find a secure cloud storage platform that checks all the boxes? If so, just set your sights on Stockpress. We offer the ease of use of file management, with all the functionality of a great digital asset management platform (DAM), ensuring statements like; “my Dropbox is full”, “I can’t add you, we’re out of user licenses”, or “I can’t access that link” is a thing of the past.

If you need a cost-effective file-sharing solution that your entire team, as well as freelancers and clients, can use together, we definitely have what it takes to improve your file accessibility and security while boosting team collaboration. We’re here to help you scale your business with ease by offering access to unlimited users from the start.

As your company grows and thrives, you can move from our 100% free 5 GB storage plan to 100 GB, 500 GB, or 1 TB plans. And if you need to store more than 1 TB of digital assets? We’re here to help with that, too.

If you prefer to book a demo before signing up, please let us know. Our helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable team loves hearing about your challenges, and helping you solve them!

Ready to get started? Simply sign up for one of our pre-set pricing packages for 1 TB or less storage. Or get in touch with our team to get a custom-made plan designed to give you as much online file storage space as you need year after year.