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Our report benchmarks workplace collaboration and unlocks the key to what teams need to stay in sync.

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About the report

We surveyed 150+ industry professionals to unlock the key to what teams everywhere need to creatively and effectively collaborate. The report will help you compare best practices, benchmark collaboration against your peers and unlock the key to unstoppable teamwork.

State of Collaboration survey trends

Latest creative and collaboration trends

Gain insight into which creative and collaboration tools are helping teams reach their goals.

State of Collaboration survey insights

How to effectively collaborate as a team

Insights on why having a content collaborating system matters and identifying any gaps.

State of Collaboration survey collaboration

What’s working (or not) with team collaboration

Learn how teams feel about the state of project and file management, communication practices, and more.

State of Collaboration survey opinions

Best-in-class advice from our featured voices

Hear from industry professionals on how to get buy-in for new tools and processes and overcome collaboration roadblocks.

Featured voices

In my experience, successful collaboration exists when you define clear rules of engagement and implement a governance process for accountability.
All collaboration participants need to know what they are responsible for bringing to the table and what they can expect from their partners.


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Stockpress is a collaborative file management platform for distributed teams managing employees, agencies, and freelancers, that combines the ease of use of file management, with the features of a digital asset management. Our platform makes it easier than ever to find, use, share, and manage any file type.