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This report covers emerging technologies, evolving work styles, and market demands, crucial for staying relevant and innovative in today's creative dynamics.

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About the report

From the impact of new technologies to shifts in work styles, this report provides invaluable insights for all creative minds seeking to stay ahead in a dynamic and competitive field. The report not only highlights the challenges but also the boundless opportunities in today's creative arena, making it a must-have tool for innovation and success.

of creatives professionals believe that AI is the technology that’s going to have the biggest impact on their work in the next 12 months.

of the creative and design teams surveyed are using 2 or more project management tools.

of creative and design teams believe that customer satisfaction is the most valuable measure of design success.

of creative and design teams are using more than 2 platforms or more to manage their creative assets.


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Stockpress is a collaborative file management platform for distributed teams managing employees, agencies, and freelancers, that combines the ease of use of file management, with the features of a digital asset management. Our platform makes it easier than ever to find, use, share, and manage any file type.