Who it’s for

Who it’s for.

Teams that rely on well organized digital files to run an effective operation. Basically, EVERYONE!.

Stockpress is a complex platform, not a complicated one. It is designed for organizations that rely on high-quality assets to run an effective operation. Each instance is set up to cater to your needs and how you like to stay organized. If you are a media organization, sports team, event promoter, ecommerce business, premium real estate company, or an agency of any kind, Stockpress can work for you.

Sales and marketing professionals.

Sales teams, marketing groups, designers, e-commerce managers

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Partnerships and sponsorship professionals.

Sports teams, nonprofits, corporations, talent and rights agents

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Designers and creatives.

Photographers, studios, videographers, graphic designers and more…

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Agencies: project, digital and social account managers and executives.

Brand agencies, digital agencies, web & e-commerce agencies and more…

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Real estate agents, marketers and administrators.

Real estate, rental agents, commercial property agents, peer-to-peer accommodation apps and more…

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Customer experience managers and executives.

Customer contact centers, call centers and more…

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Business professionals.

Legal, construction, medical and more…

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Engineers, designers, supply chain managers and retail marketing managers.

Automotive, fashion, wholesale, manufacturing and more…

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Event promoters and producers, event PR and content creators.

Sporting and music events, art shows, food festivals and more…

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