Stockpress Tours: Advanced features masterclass


About this webinar

In this 30-minute Stockpress tour, we’ll focus on advanced features you may not know about. From configuring your workspace settings to importing and restricting custom categories, we’ll show you how you can take advantage of your Stockpress settings.

Get ready to learn about:

  • Watermarking and expiration dates on files
  • Configuring custom roles and creating Teams
  • Metadata mapping and custom categories
  • Importing files via FTP
  • Custom pages
  • The product roadmap: Get an inside look at what’s coming up!

Plus, a quick refresher on:

  • How to migrate files from other platforms and save on storage (bye-bye duplicate files!)

This webinar is also a chance to ask anything about Stockpress, how it works, how to configure it for your use case, and more!

Meet your speakers

Jessica Storry

Jessica is the CEO and co-founder of Stockpress. She is heavily involved in the product roadmap and loves to hear new ideas from customers and potential customers. Demos are at the top of her list of fun things to do, right next to hanging with her dog, Truman, and spending time in the ocean with her family and friends. She is excited to show everyone what makes Stockpress different!

Ian Parkes

Ian Parkes has worked on both the client and agency side, and seen firsthand the struggle of finding the rhythm of collaboration. As CRO and co-founder of Stockpress, Ian uses his experience to help pave a more streamlined, efficient way for teams to improve their collaboration. Ian’s excited to take what he’s learned and share insights on how teams can make their interactions more fun and productive. Outside of work, he loves spending time with his dog and surfing (badly!)

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