Writing a business case can be more time-consuming than selecting and implementing a platform! To help, we thought we’d outline some key points to make the case for better file management.

Here you’ll discover the why, the how, and the who of implementing a new file or Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform. We’ll also share how you can save money while getting your whole team into one place – so they can spend less time looking for files and more time using them!

Let’s build the business case together…

Presenting the case:

Managing and sharing files can become costly if you’re paying per-user license fees. In some cases, these high costs can lead to rationalizing who gets platform access and who doesn’t which can create fragmented teams.

A new cloud file management and sharing platform with unlimited users can provide the solution for reducing costs and providing access to your entire team.

As an organization, it’s crucial that every member of the team has a place to manage their files and gain access to company assets so they can collaborate more effectively – especially when working remotely.

The benefits of improved file management:

Stockpress visual searchThe problem:
Your team is managing and sharing files with internal and external stakeholders using multiple platforms, leading to files that aren’t accessible or accounted for.

The opportunity:
Implementing a new cloud file management and sharing platform where all your files AND your entire team can access what they need when they need it.


  • Increase the efficiency of the organization.
  • Improve the use of company assets.
  • Deliver cost savings vs. your existing platform.

With the right file management platform in place, every team member will have a place to manage files and gain access to company assets. Doing this will help you collaborate more closely, especially when working remotely.

The finances of new file management or DAM platforms:

How much could you save by switching to Stockpress?

Stockpress Cost Calculator

Estimated cost: $/mo

Pay monthly, or receive a 10% discount when paying annually.

Stockpress comes with unlimited users in every plan. This means you can add internal and external partners to your workspace without incurring extra costs. All plans are based on storage and you can start with 5 GB for FREE.

Assessing cloud-file sharing and digital asset management platforms:

There are a number of platforms out there, but we hope that Stockpress will be your choice because of…

  • Unlimited user licenses that allow your entire team (both internal and external) to have access to the workspace
  • No limits on file type or size
  • Cloud-based technology that helps to optimize remote work and team collaboration.
  • Enterprise-level functionality at an accessible price.
  • Platform Comparison:
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Platform Reviews:

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Implementing Stockpress:

Add teamsStockpress is easy to get started and can be configured according to your needs, with unlimited users, unlimited custom roles, permissions, and teams.

New users can easily be added to teams and access files associated with that team – reducing the time it takes to onboard new team members.

Implementation outline:

  • Set up an account with a custom domain (free for unlimited users and up to 5 GB of storage).
  • Invite users, assign them roles and organize them into teams.
  • Create custom categories to tag your files in the best way for your business
  • Add some files!
  • Search and filter to find what you need quickly and easily!

Don’t need a business case? Get started for free with unlimited users and 5 GB of storage. Show your business how Stockpress can help bring your teams close and your files closer!