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For real estate agents, marketers and administrators.

Real estate, rental agents, commercial property agents, peer-to-peer accommodation apps and more…

Managing properties, agents and assets whether in one office or across five, can be tough. Stockpress can help you and your agents easily access brand assets and sales tools and share property images with your clients – all from one centralized white-labeled platform.

Create and manage custom user roles and assign platform capabilities based on need to ensure that your assets are being seen and used in the right way and by the right people

Manage your assets with customizable statuses so you always know which file is the right one

Easily distribute your property images to your agents and clients internaly and externally from one white-labeled platform

Easily search and find the best assets to use in your sales and marketing materials using dynamic search and filters

Distribute assets to unlimited custom groups to quickly and easily grant access to multiple users at the same time

Keep an archive of all of your property assets with no storage limits