Event promoters and producers, event PR and content creators

For event promoters and producers, event PR and content creators.

Sporting and music events, art shows, food festivals and more…

Whether you’re sharing materials with media externally during an event or managing them with your clients internally day-to-day, Stockpress can help you make sure you are getting the right assets to the right people, quickly and easily. Stockpress creates one centralized place for your users to access everything where and when you need them to. Many assets, many users, one platform.

Grant access to staff and credentialed media before, during and after an event

Create custom user roles based on need with unlimited download capabilities or ‘request only’ access

Approve or reject requests to download event images based on custom ‘usage’ fields – set by you

Organize your images by event, date, type and more

Make it easy for media and staff to find what they’re looking for with visual search and file filtering based on custom categories and tags

Publish approved press releases with version control based on file statuses

Create press packs and seamlessly share event images and press releases – visible to only those who you grant access to

Publish public event images and releases viewable by anyone with a link

Archive all event assets by year and/or event for future use