Engineers, designers, supply chain managers and retail marketing managers

For engineers, designers, supply chain managers and retail marketing managers.

Automotive, fashion, wholesale, manufacturing and more…

Managing multiple stakeholders at different stages of a product cycle can be complex. Different asset requirements at various stages of design and development, make the ability to create custom user groups and permissions incredibly important. Whether you need to securely share the latest blueprints and CAD files, or simply need to get finalized assets to your visual merchandiser, Stockpress has you covered – all from one centralized platform.

Organize, manage, collaborate and share your files from every stage of production

Manage technical specifications, pricing models, visual assets and brand descriptions according to SKU

Easily find assets using dynamic filtering and visual search

Share with groups of users within partner manufacturers, retail customers or distributors of any file type or size

Manage access and user capabilities to ensure your assets are being used by the right person, in the right way and at the right time

Manage assets of any file type or size from one white-labeled platform