Agencies: project, digital and social account managers and executives

For agencies: project, digital and social account managers and executives.

Brand agencies, digital agencies, web & ecommerce agencies and more…

Seamlessly manage all of your clients and their assets privately from one platform without overlap or the need for additional storage space. With Stockpress, all of your clients can live in one place – making assets easier to manage for you, and easy to find for them.

Help eliminate repeat requests for your digital assets by granting access to your clients and partners with no cost penalty

Utilize custom categories and tags to make your assets easy to dynamically filter and visually search by all of your clients and partners

Distribute assets to individuals or unlimited groups to quickly and easily grant access to multiple users at the same time

Share your files of any type or size with optional expiration dates to maintain control over who is downloading what, when and for how long

Make your workflow more efficient by collaborating on files with liking and commenting

Organize assets privately for unlimited clients and partners using customizable user roles and permissions