How Stockpress Works

How it works.

Whatever the file type, Stockpress makes finding your files and using them easier than ever before.


Unlike other platforms that utilize a folder structure to organize your assets, we focus on single files (in any format). In Stockpress a single file can live in multiple places, be accessed by many different people and found in a number of different ways without ever being duplicated. That’s one file, in multiple places, not multiple files in multiple places.

Any file type

Stockpress supports any file type of any size including images, video, and Adobe products

Drag and drop

Our quick and easy drag and drop upload gets your assets organized as seamlessly as possible

Custom roles

Grant upload rights based on unlimited custom user roles so that you are in control of who contributes to your Stockpress platform


Organize common files in collections to make it easy to find and share what you need

Collection groups

Groups common collections into collection groups for further structure. Add, remove and edit collections groups as your platform evolves to suit your needs.

No file duplication

Store any file across multiple collections to manage user access and permissions without file duplication

Public and Private

Manage which collections are public and visible to all users on your Stockpress platform or private and only visible to those who need it

Securely stored

All your assets are securely stored and backed up with Amazon S3


Stockpress is designed to allow you to manage your assets in the way that you need to. This means giving you the flexibility to make your assets public for any user on your platform, or private to only the users you give access to. This ensures that your designers aren’t seeing the same files as your sales team and that company-wide assets can be made available to everyone without endless duplication.

Permissions control

Create unlimited user roles with specific permission sets to control what different users can do with the same assets

Unlimited users

We don’t charge per user which allows you to give partners and clients the ability to upload assets to your platform while only seeing what you have given them access to.

Asset control

Set expiration dates on assets for more control over who is using what and when

Download requests

Set files and collections with a custom ‘request to download’ permission, giving you control over who downloads what, with an administrators approval

Your platform, your brand

Display your brand both internally and externally with our white labeled solution.

Custom categories

Create unlimited custom categories and tags specific to your organization – no Stockpress account is the same

Files status

Apply custom statuses to help manage your asset workflow

File sizes

Set multiple download sizes giving your users the ability to download high-resolution files, in social media size

Collaborate and Share

Forget confusing email threads – with liking and commenting, you and your team can share your thoughts on specific files.
Share your assets internally or externally with individual users or predefined groups of users with a click of your mouse. Whether you select a user from your platform, type an email address or create a share link, you’ll be sure to get your assets to those who need them quickly and easily.


Keep up to date with your users’ favorite assets with asset ‘liking’. Filter to all your favorites with a click of a mouse.

Custom statuses

Organize your workflow with custom statuses so your team always knows which file is the correct one.


Share your thoughts on specific files using our commenting board


Easily share any number of files, in any format or size, internally or externally using a name or email address

Secure links

Allow your users to share files with secure links and add an optional comment, eliminating the need for emails and attachments

Internal or external

Create a share link for internal or external users – viewable on your own white-labeled interface

Expiration dates

Set optional expiration dates for further control of who downloads what and when

User groups

Give access to predetermined groups of users quickly and easily with their own set of customizable permissions

And more…

We give you a simple analytics dashboard, so you can track how your Stockpress is being used. As a standard, we measure; total number of assets, size of assets stored, number of users, number of collections, number of comments, number of likes.

Platform analytics

Get a snapshot of your platform usage – number of files, users, comments and more

Usage reports

Search terms, most downloaded, most downloaded by team, downloads by user, shares by user and download requests.

Asset migration

Stockpress is committed to helping you get all of your assets into one place in the easiest way possible. Speak to us about where your files reside and we’ll help you understand the best way to migrate them.