How it works

How it works.

Whatever the file type, Stockpress makes finding your files and using them easier than ever before.

Organize | Manage | Collaborate | Share


Unlike other platforms that utilize a folder structure to organize your assets, we focus on single files (in any format). In Stockpress a single file can live in multiple places, be accessed by many different people and found in a number of different ways without ever being duplicated. That’s one file, in multiple places, not multiple files in multiple places.

How you categorize, tag and organize your assets when uploading them will determine how easily they can be found within the platform in the future. With Stockpress custom categories and statuses, you decide what types of tags to associate to your files for easy filtering and visual searching.


Stockpress is designed to allow you to manage your assets in the way that you need to. This means giving you the flexibility to make your assets public for any user on your platform, or private to only the users you give access to. This ensures that your designers aren’t seeing the same files as your sales team and that company-wide assets can be made available to everyone without endless duplication.

Need even more control over who can do what with your assets? Stockpress allows you to create unlimited custom user roles within your organization and assign specific capabilities based on need. You decide what these roles can do, which means that you retain total control and flexibility over your assets and the way they are used.


With liking and commenting, Stockpress gives you the ability to mark your favorite files and collaborate with your team. Narrow down a large selection of files to only the ones you want by ‘liking’ your favorites. Forget confusing email threads – with our file commenting board, you and your team can share your thoughts on specific files.

With Stockpress, you’ll never miss a trick thanks to our in-platform and email notifications. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll know when you have been granted access to new assets or received likes or comments on an existing asset.


Share your assets internally or externally with individual users or predefined groups of users with a click of your mouse. Whether you select a user from your platform, type an email address or create a share link, you’ll be sure to get your assets to those who need them quickly and easily.

Don’t want them out there forever? Add an expiration date and forget it!

Tracking your assets and understanding your users.

We give you a simple analytics dashboard, so you can track how your Stockpress is being used. As a standard, we measure; total number of assets, size of assets stored, number of users, number of collections, number of comments, number of likes.

We keep our reporting simple, but are happy to work with our clients to deliver reports they think will be helpful.


The security of your assets is of the utmost importance. Stockpress hosts on a dedicated VPS, Amazon S3 server. All assets are redundantly stored in multiple locations to prevent data loss and guarantee fast data access.

Your Stockpress hosting plan includes full support, security monitoring, and platform updates for the life of your plan with us.