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HubSpot Partners get 50% off FOREVER

As agency people, we know how hard it can be to manage files with clients. That's why we offer an exclusive 50% off any paid plan for Hubspot partners - however you choose to scale...

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HubSpot Partners get 50% off FOREVER

Join thousands of users who manage, share, and collaborate on files with Stockpress

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Finally…a file management platform that’s built for agencies! Thanks to Stockpress we now have a centralized place to organize and share files with our clients - all because they don’t charge per user. Genius!

Onboard clients quicker. Collaborate more easily!

  • No cost-per-user, so you can add all your clients to your workspace for no extra cost!
  • No confusing folder structures, so your clients can find what they’re looking for with a visual search and filter.
  • No limits on file size or type, so you can share anything from anywhere.
  • No more duplicating files, so you always know which file is the right one while reducing storage costs.

Give everyone you work with, both inside and outside your company, a more productive way to stay in sync.

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An easy to use platform to manage your files with your clients.

Whatever the file type or wherever you are, Stockpress makes finding your files, and using them, easier than ever before.

Unlimited users with every package

AI Tagging & flexible metadata

Visual Search & dynamic filters

Unlimited Teams & custom roles

File versioning &

Unlimited file sharing & tracking

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