What is Stockpress.

A file management platform for teams who find their existing file management platforms hard to navigate and lacking in features.

A flexible solution that does file management differently.

No more duplicate files, and no more eternal searching through complex folder structures. With Stockpress one file can live in multiple locations without ever being duplicated. That’s good for your organization, good for your users, and most importantly, good for your cost!

When it comes to managing files, it feels like we’ve all been banging our heads against the proverbial digital filing cabinet for years! We’re relieving that collective headache by making organizing your users, and managing and sharing files, easy.

Stockpress was created to empower teams.

You don’t need to be a Digital Asset Management professional to enjoy the DAM features of our platform. We give teams the tools they need to access their files whenever and wherever they need them.

Because as a team, we wanted to be empowered!
We felt the pain of file management for too long, so we’ve dedicated our time, energy and expertise to fix it!